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I already bought 3 shirts from teefury yesterday. Love me some Grab Bag specials.

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So, I was looking for the option to stop the auto-renew on and I clicked on the "account migration" link. Like the rest of the internet I don't read everything on a page. It asked me to pick a language out of 6. I had no clue what the other 5 were, but there was "South African English". Thinking this was just going to change the language on the site I clicked "Next". After this I realized I was not in the right area to change the auto-renew option, so I went back.  
Now I did not realize what I have done until I logged into XBL. I want to purchase some ms points and noticed I was charging me in "Rand" (South African Currency).   
I then starting looking through the arcade games, there are only 5 games available: Snoopy Flying Ace, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Dead Space: Ignition, A Kingdom of Keflings and Trails HD. 
I fucking purchased 8x more games then what the marketplace has to offer.
I can only migrate my account every 12 months, so I emailed Xbox Support asking for the change to be reversed. 
This is what I got:  

 As I understand it, you migrate your account to the incorrect country. You also want to turn off the auto renewal of your account. I know how disappointing this issue might have been.
When you migrate your account, please be informed that:
. Some services may not be available in your country. 
. Previously purchased or downloaded content (e.g. videos, games, add-ons) will not be downloadable again after migration. Note, however, that previously purchased content is not refundable and there is no guarantee it will work post migration. 

. The account migration process is not reversible. 

. Account migration can only be performed once in a 12 month period. 
. Movies and TV purchased from Zune Marketplace will not be available for streaming or re-download in the region to which you migrate. 
. There are no refunds for content you purchased prior to migration that is not available to you after migration. 
Not all features of Xbox LIVE are available in all markets - for example, Zune marketplace, Facebook, and Twitter are not available at the current time in all markets.    
They are basically telling me to go fuck myself. Honestly, it only takes 1 page and a language drop down menu to do a massive irreversible change your account. 
I emailed them back saying I didn't understand how it was not reversible, but will be in 12 months. There must be a way for them by-bass the 12 month limit. 
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I'd say Anime Vice. I watch some anime, but have not have much interest in Anime as a whole.  

I don't care for comics, but I find the lore interesting. I go on Comic Vine every once in a while and read through the history on some characters. I also like watching the 3 Minute Expert videos.  

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I am better now. Every time I play a game from my childhood and get surprised at how fast I can beat it.

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@Thunderhead said:

" I feel like Team Meat will respond to this by putting Tofu Boy in their game as DLC. "

The totally are. 

 Attention internets!: Just finished animating Tofu Boy, he will be playable in the next update via code (update coming tomorrow)!/SuperMeatBoy/status/10230275837534208 
That was fast as hell.
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Frank West use to be a Ghost Buster.

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What happened to the other 7,999,999,992 codes?

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I never felt like I needed to be able to control the camera while sprinting. If I did, I'd just quickly let go of the A button to move the camera to the right position. 
I do still get stiff fingers after holding down the trigger for far too long. Though, it only lasts for a few seconds. 
It probably has to do with me holding the trigger down really hard during the intense moments in the game.

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It crashes right after the telltale games logo, so I haven't played it yet. Waiting for a patch. 

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Some crazy old lady came up to me and just took my glasses right off my face and promptly started to run off with them. 
Thankfully, she was not very fast. I was able to catch up to her and pry it out of her hands. 
Not a word was said during this encounter.