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Great work! It's amazing the amount of detail that can be done with just a few pixels.

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I think the premise is kind of hilarious, considering I've never seen anyone have the basis of their story revolve around a computer register input incompatibility. 0x10c is still an odd name though. Depending on the input style, it is either

0x0001 0000 1100 or 0x1100 0000 0001. Neither one of those is the number mentioned in the story, so I wonder what it is supposed to mean.

0x denotes hexidecimal, 10 in hex is 16, c in hex is 12,

So 0x10^c translates to 16^12 in the decimal system. 16^12 = 281 474 976 710 656.

In the story something happened that led people to be "lost" or "sleep" or some shit. The first people to wake are now doing so in the year 281 474 976 712 644AD after 16^12 years.

So I guess the event that caused this "sleep" occurred in 281 474 976 712 644 - 281 474 976 710 656 = 1988.

Of course I could be totally and utterly incorrect.

Sounds plausible to me. I'm going to go with my "stupid programmers using 128-bit types (long long long int?)", then.

c also means the speed of light. So 10c is 10 times the speed of light.

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It's also my wallpaper for my PC and iPad.

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Rorie was suppose to review it, but was too busy with Screened so he written a long article about it instead. I believe Vinny really enjoyed the game. I think it was in his top 10 list of 2011.

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I'll keep a penny with the 2 dollar bill I have somewhere.

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I like it. It's only a bit weird to me because it's by far the most detailed icon on my bookmark bar.

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@WhiskeyLive is now @GiantBombLive due to the CBSi acquisition. It will only tweet Giant Bomb live shows now. I'll probably setup a seperate Tested account for their live streams once they get their API working again.

For people who don't know what I'm talking about, @GiantBombLive is a twitter bot that auto tweets out when the chat goes online and again once the stream goes live. You can follow it and get it to tweet straight to your phone via text messages. This should prevent you from ever missing a show becuase you didn't know about it.

On other things, I've built a couple new scripts for people who use Chrome and FireFox. ( You'll need Greasemonkey if your using FireFox )

Quoting Minimizer

messaged me yesterday about an idea of making a script that would help stop those huge quote trees that users orchestrate in the comments/forums. ( e.g. The comments for On Kickstarter, There Are No Guarantees )

What it does is if there are more than 5 nested quotes it will hide the rest of them and put a link where you can choose to show/hide said quotes. I also removed the fading effect and some of the padding used in quoting. This should make reading these things much easier.


Game Board Tool Tips

The Tool Tip in action

A few days ago I saw a thread on a game I've never heard of before. Instinctively, I clicked on the game's name and was kinda annoyed that it just takes you to the boards for that specific game. I needed to than click on "Overview" in the left menu to see the game's general information. I've done this before many times and it's too many clicks for my liking. So, I made a script that just changes the links to the main wiki page of instead of it's forum. After a bit, I thought to myself "Why should I even need to click a link?". So I built a tool tip that once you mouse of the board link under the thread it will display the game's boxart, release date and description using GB's API. It's kinda overkill, though it was fun to do.

There is one small caveat. The script messes with some of the javascript on the site. As the script only runs the main forum page, it won't be that big of a deal. The only things that won't work properly, is part of the search bar and the on/off toggle of the footer. And again it will only effect the main forum page. Search/Footer will work fine on any other page.

Download: If you installed this script before this edit appeared, you will want to reinstall it. I had set the script to run on anything forum related which breaks the quote/repling and posting. It's fixed now.

If you have any other suggestions on small ways to improve the site. Let me know, I'll see if I can do something about it.

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Wow!! Congratulations Vinny!

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Giant Bomb: The Movie

: The Game

: The Animation

: The Arcade

: The Ride

:The Merchandising.

Loading Video...

: Ultimate

: The Experience

: The Show

: Revolution Max

The Broadway musical.

Directed by Tony Danza.

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Dave and Alexis will remain the web designers of Giant Bomb. I've been assured of this by Alexis.

As for the Tested design.. Ya, it's not that good... The design lacks color and any kind of personality. It feels/looks like a newspaper which not a good association to have. It also looks like who ever designed the site had massive time constraints. It's just way too simple. I not one to brag but, I could probably build the front end of myself in 1 or 2 days.