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Well, now I have the Space Jam theme stuck in my head. Great job Patrick.

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@artofwar420: It won't be right away but I believe both GameSpot and Giant Bomb are both getting new sites in a few months. They aren't going to be using the Whiskey Media site technology (Vines CMS) as that and the majority of the team who built it has gone with Tested.

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I was afraid that Adam and Jamie are going to over shadow Will and Norm. I hope Will and Norm get more of a face on Tested in the future. May just be a way to get a crap load of new people to become interested just because the mythbusters are a part of it.

As for the site design. Not a fan of the black and white with inverted blocks. It's kinda ironic that I'm hating on the design when I designed and built website with this kind of style last week.

Anyway, fingers crossed for Will and Norm blowing some shit up. That would be well worth it.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

That's such a better reveal.

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I love being part of these things.

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I'm pretty excited to see what happens. The only thing bumming me out is the split of the websites.

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Are you and going to be at the helm of the new site redesign? I sure do hope so!

What you, Alexis and done with the front-end of these websites have inspired me to no end. With out that inspiration I wouldn't be the crazy passionate web designer that I am today. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be in the field if it weren't for you guys.

You are all absolutely fantastic at what you do and I inspire to become just as good.

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Have they given a reason why they've been at Dave's apartment this week? I think that's related to the announcement.