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@artofwar420: It won't be right away but I believe both GameSpot and Giant Bomb are both getting new sites in a few months. They aren't going to be using the Whiskey Media site technology (Vines CMS) as that and the majority of the team who built it has gone with Tested.

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I was afraid that Adam and Jamie are going to over shadow Will and Norm. I hope Will and Norm get more of a face on Tested in the future. May just be a way to get a crap load of new people to become interested just because the mythbusters are a part of it.

As for the site design. Not a fan of the black and white with inverted blocks. It's kinda ironic that I'm hating on the design when I designed and built website with this kind of style last week.

Anyway, fingers crossed for Will and Norm blowing some shit up. That would be well worth it.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

That's such a better reveal.

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I love being part of these things.

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I'm pretty excited to see what happens. The only thing bumming me out is the split of the websites.

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Are you and going to be at the helm of the new site redesign? I sure do hope so!

What you, Alexis and done with the front-end of these websites have inspired me to no end. With out that inspiration I wouldn't be the crazy passionate web designer that I am today. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be in the field if it weren't for you guys.

You are all absolutely fantastic at what you do and I inspire to become just as good.

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Have they given a reason why they've been at Dave's apartment this week? I think that's related to the announcement.

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I had the same situation with Miranda being angry because I went with Jack. She stayed like that for the rest of the game. Knowing she was not happy with me, I didn't assign her to any roles during the suicide mission. I didn't want to risk her making a mistake and getting herself or any other member killed. Miraculously, everyone managed to survive.

People are disappointed with ME3's ending because there was no suicide mission equivalent. Where the choices you've made through out the game have a consequence in the end. ME2 would have had a boring ending if your only consequential decision was to either destroy the collector base of not. Which is what ME3 ended up being like.