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Center-Left I guess. 
I always find it weird that Americans label themselves politically. 
In Canada, only the politicians are labeled; thats how I've come to see it anyway.
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My 4th 360 RROD a few months ago and the refurbished they gave me is a load mother fucker. 
My 360 is on my desk right next to me and I can hear it through my headphones. 
I've resorted to installing one game at a time on my small 20GB hard drive to prevent the disc drive from running.
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Welcome to the life of Programmers and Physicists Jeff. 
We all end breaking down everything into code.
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My cat is named Sassy, because my actual cat is named Sassy.
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Don't stare! 
Theres a possibility of being accidentally hypnotized by watching those boobs go back and forth.
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Kachi, Kochi, Kachi! 
Kachi, Kochi, Kachi! 
Kachi, Kochi, Kachi! 
Awesome and crazy song.
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A Blacksmith.
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@Bones8677 said:

"I vote for Symphony. She's a good and entertaining writer. Has a sparkling personality, and doesn't approve of flame wars. ^.^ "

Pretty much what I was going to say, plus that shes cool-headed. Good to counter-act the many mods who have lets say "big personalities".
Symphony gets my vote.
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Joint Ops and Planetside; loved those games. I never bought Joint Ops, though I remember the demo being a hell of a lot fun. 
I tried Counter Strike: Source once. I got wailed on for apparently using an aim bot then got banned from the server after a couple of matches later. 
Not interested in trying it again.