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Silent Hill: Downpour - A Franchise Lost in the Mists 0

Silent Hill 2In this game, you play as Murphy Pendleton, a prison inmate who is sidelined into the surreal town of Silent Hill when the bus for his transfer to a supermax prison crashes off the edge of one of the town's many bottomless ravines. Throughout the game, Pendleton tries to run from his fate, but is perpetually pursued and seemingly punished, not only by the bizarrely behaved people that he encounters, but by the town itself which seems intent on driving Murphy toward's confronting som...

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Trololololo lololo lololo lololoooo 0

An excellent sequel to the precursor game of the franchise, Adventures of Lolo 2 expands on the difficulty of the first game, offering immersive logic puzzles in a visually simple yet appealing design aesthetic. The complex game mechanics work together well here, and the only problem I had with it (costing it a half star) was the inclusion of a new mechanic that isn't referenced anywhere in the game that is necessary in one of the later puzzles. Lolo 2 presented a great challenge to me, forcing ...

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The meat shall inherit the Earth. 0

I love it I love it  I love it I love it  I love it I love it  I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCFKFUCKFUCKAJSDFAKLHFKJEURIWQ:BOWDUHUP:{IWHP:ICUH... Good story, phenomenal music, tight controls, hilarious sense of humor, ass-spanking challenges, delirious design, tons of secrets, and free DLC levels all for one low price. It ...

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I went back to Galerians, but my Dark City was gone. 0

In Galerians, you play as Rion: A young boy with questionable clothing taste who wakes up in a futuristic hospital with head-popping psychic powers and no memory of your past. As Rion flees from his pursuers and hones his abilities, he attempts to seek out his identity and learn just what the conspiracy is that's going on.  To say this game is a trainwreck would be a little harsh. To say that it's a bad addition to the survival horror subgenre of adventure games would be more accurate. Being a P...

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There Is A Cow Level! 0

Diablo II was a game that I had heard many good things about, had the computer capacity to play, and somehow managed to never ever pick up a copy until the Lord of Destruction expansion was underway, at which time I finally got around to playing it and boy was I wowed from beginning to end.  Diablo II takes place several years after the original Diablo. The game is set in a sort of dark fantasy setting where all of the evil within the world is personified (and embodied within) three demonic enti...

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Dude, I was rockin' big swords before big swords were COOL man... 0

When the original Playstation was being released amidst tons of hype, it had a number of launch titles that were widely toted, one of the most influential of which was Final Fantasy VII.   The newest installment of an already classic franchise that had been featured on Nintendo and Super Nintendo before, Final Fantasy VII was the first final fantasy game to feature fully 3D gameplay and combat as well as cut scenes and video sequences. The game starts off in Midgar, a grimy, rather unpleasant ci...

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They're coming to get you, Barbara! 0

Released in August of 2006 as one of the first of several zombie games that would later come to the 360, Dead Rising is centered around one Frank West, a photographer built like a linebacker who catches a scoop regarding a series of riots in a small town. During the flyby opening, it is apparent that something is very wrong and, after landing in a nearly empty mall where survivors are holed up, he finds himself struggling to survive amidst a ravening hoard of the living dead. The game centers ar...

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Everyone wears leather in the future; Sucks to be a future cow. 0

Released in June of 2000, Deus Ex tells the story of J.C. Denton, a special police operative in a future United States that has been wracked with terrorism. After embarking on a mission to neutralize a terrorist group, Denton discovers that not everything is as it seems and, after learning that his own government may actually be to blame, he soon finds himself an wanted outcast placed in the middle of a colossal conspiracy.While Deus Ex could be considered a forebear of the style of first-person...

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Though I walk on the hill of silence, I shall fear no monsters. 0

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the sixth title in the Silent Hill franchise, immediately following Silent Hill: Origins' release and occurring somewhere around Silent Hill: The Room in the chronology. Homecoming tells the story of a young soldier, Alex, who returns to his hometown from the war, only to find his once familiar neighborhood transformed by the malign influence of Silent Hill's occult power. As he slowly uncovers the mystery of what is happening in town, Alex is also trying to find his y...

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