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Tennant was my favorite of the new series, by far. Smith and Eccleston are really battling for second place.
I love Moffat's writing. All of his episodes in every season up to season five are my favorites. But once he became head writer, stuff just got less interesting and more convoluted. I'll never forgive him for that predestination paradox in the finale.
Does he have to put a grey/green filter on everything?

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Square Enix, you so crazy.

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@TehJedicake said:
God fucking damn it, this was supposed to be my dream game where only hardcore PC gamers would get it, not to have it ported for consolefags and ruin it.
I wasn't fully convinced by what you were saying, but usage of the term "consolefags" really solidified your argument.
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The Big Lebowski reference alone made reading this article worthwhile.

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I considered it, but I decided to go cold turkey, just to make me saver that first Skyrim playthrough all the more.

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@fox01313 said:

Granted I like Half Life series, just not a rabid fan but it seems that the HL more fevered fans are approaching the same level as the people clamoring for the next Kingdom Hearts game.

It's just...all those fucking spinoffs, man.
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@yoshimitz707 said:
I'm getting it for 360 first and then picking up the PC version a year later when there a re tons of mods to try.
This sounds like a safe bet.

I prefer the 360 controls, so that's what I'm picking it up for.
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@Tebbit said:
Buy the game, get the demo for free!What a bargain!
Totally read that in Zoidberg's voice.
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@Hailinel said:
" @RiotBananas said:
" @patrickklepek Loving your content but can we cut down title length a bit? 'PSN down, three weeks in' would have sufficed. "
That would cut out the basis of what the article is about. "
"PSN Downtime Affecting Developers"
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I'll come back to say something witty once I've finished vomiting.