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I'm so glad this page is around. I really just want to be able to do as much as possible in this game, but most of my friends don't have a 3ds and the ones that do won't be playing this game.

My code 1848-1682-3370

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<p>Some of the best moments I had in Red Dead Redemption were the poker games. There was an ambiance that was hard to match with one of my favorite themes (western). I would enjoy just hanging out in the world, hearing the old men talk to each other, and listen to the rain fall as we played hours of poker. The first Poker Night had something like this. It was a few crazy guys hanging out talking about nonsense, but the feeling of playing poker with personalities was the same. I look forward to the next one, I've spent $5 on worse and worse for me.</p>

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You could also go into options and restart the tutorial.

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Man, I love these things. A great addition to the site, Patrick. I would love to see more articles like this becoming a regular addition to Giant Bomb. To hear people talk about choices in games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age would be interesting.

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Ok either one is fine. Just want to rep some duders. I am neon rose in game. Please get me into a guild already :)

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My account name is the same as on the spreadsheet, but I have made a new toon. neon rose. Looking forward to an invite.

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I'm in. I'm Valames. Invite ready. =D

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@UssjTrunks said:

If you bought the game today or yesterday, you can't play it until the 28th.

Do you have a link to something official where you got that information? Nothing on the site says otherwise.

EDIT: Link saying when pre-purchase ends.

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Does the registration server count? I would like to hear if other people at this current time are getting through. Sorry if it doesn't count. =D