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Damn, I've seen this mod before but I still can't believe how nice that game looks. I played GTA 4 on the xbox(blurry textures, lots of aliasing, ugly shadows) and it wasn't anything like this, wow!!!
So, if I already own the game on console is it ok to.. uhm... get it from "shady" sources just to try this mod? Anyways, my pc can barely handle Vice City with ENB series on so I'm not getting my hopes up.

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I was a recluse for most of my college years and I'd spend weeks if not months at a time locked in my apartment playing RPGs. I made just enough money through passive income(web design) that I didn't require a job. When the money stopped rolling in I slowly made my way back into society. Can't say I regret those days but having a purpose, maintaining some sort of social presence is certainly preferable.
I never thought of games as social simulators or learning tools and I'm glad that Jeff is able to use them in such a way.
What I'm trying to say is that I can relate to what he's saying because I too used games to compensate for social awkwardness. I was finally able to return to a "normal" social life and I wish him the best of luck because it must be 10 times as difficult for him.

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I've seen quite a bit of gameplay footage from DNF. While it's not broken, it's also not.... very good either. It looks very much like a game released in 01, in terms of gameplay, humour and level design. Graphically, I would say it comes in somewhere betwee 2002 and 2007. Some textures look decent, but some textures look horrifically awful. Graphically it's an extremely mixed bag, which is no surprise given that they've probably cobbled the game together using assets developed many years ago. Duke's reflection in particular looks like it came out of an early PS2 or Xbox game.

Can anyone honestly say they were expecting it to be really awesome? For big fans of Duke, the game might make them a little happy, and it's certainly not an atrociously busted game.... but if this is all they could make after 14 years + Gearbox help and money, then I have to say it: the 3D realms DNF team are probably the least competent devs in the business, and they should have let DNF die. Also, they should never be allowed to work on another game again as a team. Ever.

That's not fair, by 2007 standards it looks fantastic. Maybe it looks bad on consoles but on PC it looks and plays decently, it's not the blockbuster that some people hoped for but whatevs...
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who do you voodoo b....?

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the only thing that lady has in her living room is an xbox 360, weird

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mass shooter effect

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@Detrian: I think everyone is too fucking jaded. I thought the plot in SC2 was pretty good.
I think the problem is not that the plot is very poor, but rather it is very simple.  Your goal in the beginning is the goal that is achieved in the end.  There is no surprise or revelation, and everything feels predictable.  Compare that too the plot for just the Terran faction of SC1: within the scope of just 13 missions, you go from a Confederate Marshall to essentially a general within the Sons of Korhal, overthrow the entire Confederacy, and then get betray Mengsk in the end.  SC2 gave you 29 missions but central plot wise, it just amounted to "find the pieces of artifact, use it to turn Kerrigan human", nice and linear and predictable.  Its honestly the same problem the plot for DA1 or ME2 had.  Too great a focus on the subplots make the main story suffer.
There's this trend going around, I don't know if you've noticed, of sticking to sequels rather than new ip's. Blizzard has been doing it for a long time and it worked for them. I'd like to think that this success is due to the strong focus on characters and storytelling in their games (and South Korea). I personally played World of Warcraft because Warcraft III was such a solid game that kept me on the edge of my seat. As you said the story in SC2 was rather simple, no unexpected betrayals, no sudden twists, maybe the expansions will be different. Who knows, maybe they were setting us up for a major plot twist in Legacy of the Void /sarcasm.