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Review: Glory of Heracles 0

 For the first time in North America, the Glory of Heracles RPG franchise has made its way across the ocean. With some interesting uses of the touch screen and a real sense that this game was made with handhelds in mind, it has probably become one of my favourite DS games to date. The story takes place in mythological Greece, where gods like Zeus and Hades exist. You assemble a crew who all happen to be immortals for reasons that they don’t know, and your mysterious main character is appa...

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Knights in the Nightmare Review 0

 People usually complain nowadays that games are too simplistic, yet when developers try and shake things up a bit, they are deemed “too complicated” or “unnecessary changes”. In comes Knights In the Nightmare, a game that doesn't sugar-coat what it is: an overcomplicated, hard to get into and a hard to grasp storyline early on. This game may be for those who’ll take their time to understand the mechanics, but for others, it’s probably not for you.  Knights In The Nightmare has you taking contr...

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Not for nostalgic purposes 0

  It'd be hard to say that Start Ocean: First Departure grabs what the original did oh so long ago and updates it for a modern audience. Instead, it seems to take the game’s storyline and runs it on a more reliable engine. If you’re looking to play this game simply for nostalgia, then you might want to step away. Star Ocean: First Departure is a remake of the very first game in the Star Ocean series, dating back to the SNES. It never reached North American shores, so this is the very first time ...

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Shatter Review 0

One thing that I have noticed in this console generation is the trend of reinventing arcade classics. Much like what Geometry Wars and, well, every Tower Defence game that came out a year ago did for those genres, Shatter adds to this by changing up the old ball breaker formula. While it doesn't entirely revolutionize itself, it does enough to separate it from the rest. Shatter plays a lot like the old Breakout and Arkanoid games. Meaning, you control a paddle and must break blocks with a ball...

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Crimson Gem Saga Review 0

Crimson Gem Saga has a few  interesting high points, but seems to be all lost in the endless fluff that you do. Every little quest gets more and more annoying. Almost as if they were deliberately stalling for time. But if it wasn’t for the games final moments, most of this game would be rather dull and forgettable. The story has you in control of lead character Killian who just recently graduated from university and is on his way to make his way in the military world. After receiving a recommend...

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Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Review 0

While Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier is certainly a standout in the RPG genre, it seems to really only focus on two aspects. The game does have an interesting battle system and some interesting conversations, but everything else about the game seems unimportant. Almost to the point the the player is aware of it, and is easily forgiving because of it. The games story has you taking the role of Hawken Browning. A Bounty Hunter in the world of Lost Herencia. Along with his android Asch...

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Wheelman Review 0

Wheelman offers a great experience early on in the game. Giving you diverse missions and a real fun melee system. Problems occur later on in the game when it gets a bit to messy for its own good. For the most part, Wheelman focuses on a solid driving experience that is reminiscent of the old Driver games. What this game does to separate itself from Driver is taking it to the next level. Instead of simply driving and relying on your own skills as a driver, Wheelman makes you feel like your the k...

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Persona 4 Review 0

After a long ten year hiatus from the world Persona 3 came in and re-invented the wheel. Now, with the Persona series at a rebirth period, Persona 4 comes in to capitalize on it. While not entirely a whole new experience, Persona 4 adds just enough detail, adjust some game play mechanics and adds a bunch of new features that Make it seem like it is. You (the silent protagonist) are being transferd from the bustling city to the quiet town in Inaba to live with your Unlce Dojima and his Daughter N...

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The Last Remnant Review 0

   Last Remnant is a game that will try and re-create the idea and world of Final Fantasy XII and put its own twist on things. Trying to give you not just a character driven story, but also one that demands the whole world of Last Remnant's attention. Not without its flaws Last Remnant still delivers a great experience for those who give it time.   The story starts of with the introduction of the protagonist of the story Rush Sykes. Rush is seen running through a forest in search of his sister I...

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