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I guess I have to try this multiplayer thing at some point. I'm about 20 hours in. Add me? Add me.

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My country never got Club Nintendo rewards. Bummer.

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Oh cool, this is still going. I'll have enough time to play through Transistor and create a list.

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Huh, didn't know this was made by FromSoftware.

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It's no anime lady, but I do have this Jehuty figure. It came with some giant cannons and shit, but I like it better without them. And obviously I had to put it in that Attack on Titan pose, because I'm lame. I would probably buy more, but figure price + shipping + 24% value-added tax is a bit too pricey for me. I do want to get something from One Piece though.

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That ending might have been the best thing I have ever seen. Wow. Wowowowowow.

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Good stuff as always.

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God bless your soul.

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Yo! I only have 1 person who has played this game on my friends list. I don't care how many tables you own or how much you play, I just want to see more names on the leaderboards whenever I'm pinballin'. Feel free to add me if you feel the same. Currently I have 12 tables, but probably will get more at some point. You can leave your Steam profile in this thread if you want other people to add you.

Also all tables are 66% off on Steam for the next 24h, so get on that.

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Thanks, I forgot that this was coming out.

Aaaand I like it. The full album can't come soon enough.