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Dude, what are you talking about? Brad's voice is amazing. I want it too. :(

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I always played with Cloud, Cid and Vincent. Vincent  was and still is my favorite.

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Yeah, kinda. Love those little f*ckers.

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26 (if I remember correctly), and I got it twice. :S

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Yeah, Bloc is my least favorite. Not a big sniping guy here.

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Yes, I bought both Castlevania packs and some other crap. Though as a Castlevania-fan I do not regret my purchase. :) But yeah, pics and themes totally should be free.

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A little mustard is ok on sausage/hot dog, but in hamburger.. o_o No thanks!

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Pickles are great, but onions on the other hand.. o_o

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Buy?! Let me think.. YES! I would kill for a retail 2D "metroidvania".

E: And no 2.5D please, I didn't like that so much in Castlevania: DXC.