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Tie fighter was the game that got me into space sims, after that i play the next few games but never Xwing.

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Rest in peace Ryan you will truely be miss, i was really shock to hear about his passing, may you always be remember.

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Wow now they need to lower the price but i don't see that happening, I still going for PS4 first at least initially, I just don't trust someone that would make a turnaround that quickly. Anyway you see it most of the games coming out will be on both platform.

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@extomar: I think the MMO reference are not quite right, Monster hunter is a difficult game by nature and is very unforgiving to those that don't try. Most MMO start very slow you don't really have to worry about what tanking or healing as much early levels but in monster hunter they usually give you the bare minimals of instructions, everything else is scraps that you will have to figure out or go to wiki and find out.

Monster attack animations have to be remember and generally the rule is, don't get hit. You have limited items in your inventory each takes time to use, there is a time limit and amount of KO before quest fails. It is very rewarding to kill a monster after learning how it attacks and when you can start getting hits in.

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I will be buying both 3DS and Wii U version from amazon so will be in as well and could use all the friends i can get, also with the Capcom unity and Reddit community

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I have unlocked multiple games early on steam this way, including xcom, dishonored, hitman and many more earlier this year. Unless you are using VPN to buy game at a cheaper price on other region is unlikely you will get ban, but the possibility exist you have to be ready for that, but knowing valve and their reputation that is highly unlikely, they just will not encourage and their official statement on that matter would reflect that.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: I have it for both PC and the vita, as it stands all you get to keep is your speed points, like when i first sign on the vita, i could race against all 10 most wanted without having to work for the points first since i had all the points on pc. You do not get all your cars etc all that you will still have to unlock my finding/racing..

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There is not at this time all the videos and stream i've been for machinima have said you do not get to play as the cops, i am hoping they will add that on DLC later, but as it stands the game has a lot of content and looks fun.

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Origin ID - Valient26

Want some friends to stay connected and enjoy this game, hopefully it will be a lot of fun multiplayer with funny moments to remember.

8pm (EST) and all weekends

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