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#1 Posted by Valitiney (32 posts) -

Thank you Wuddel, I signed you up for the promo good sir!

#2 Posted by Valitiney (32 posts) -

Hey, if you still have Terraria, I would love to give that a shot!

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Hey duder, awesome of you to be doing this, I tried to add you on steam (Id is Valitiney) if you see this first, a copy of To the Moon would be fantastic!

#4 Posted by Valitiney (32 posts) -

Drakengard, from what I have seen, most people do not like this game, probably due to the repetitive feel similar to Dwarriors. I for one, loved the crap outta Drakengard 1, not so much 2, wish I had the chance to play 3

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There is the Last Remnant. Most people would probably not recommend it, the battle system is unique, and to some who may not understand it fully, it can be absolutely frustrating. I, personally, love it, still playing it today, I originally picked it up on 360, and was thrilled to find it on pc sometime later. Once you get the battle system down, its a blast, and the voice acting is definitely above average in my opinion, not to mention the main character is voiced by Johnny Bosch, the voice behind Ichigo.

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Looking to trade an immortal item or two for a different one. Some of these heroes I simply don't play, and would love to swap it out for a different immortal. This will be item for item, nothing else, nothing more. If interested, reply here, with what you have, and what you are wanting.

I have the Storm spirit hat, and the Dragon knight er...dragon.

I am looking for the Windy cape, and the lion weapon.

Also looking to trade snipers gun for a different one, the gem within mine is for shrapnel damage, which I hardly use.

#7 Posted by Valitiney (32 posts) -

Wondering if anyone else has the same problem that I do. Allow me to elaborate, when I fire up a game for the first time, and I am at the screen for choosing the difficulty, I choose the hardest difficulty 95% of the time. The 5% when I don't choose to is on the rare exception that I know there is replayability, such as RE: revelations infernal. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I do know most my co-op buddies aren't on the same masochism train that I ride.

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@jrad said:

it's entirely possible there's an issue with the mixing in Watch_Dogs.

I am assuming it is this, everything on my end is correct, 7.1 card, drivers, etc. I am just baffled that something such as this was overlooked, sure, it isn't the biggest thing in the game, but it is a large part of it.

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The music is not the best, but for the most part, I have yet to really need to remove songs from the playlist, besides a select few. I listen to all genres as it is, so maybe that's why I can tolerate the majority of what there is offered, but I have seen the music being a common complaint so far.

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Thats the thing, I have no software for this headset, nor does it come with any. This is the first game I have encountered to do this, and its terribly noticeable.

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