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Please, do update, I would love to find out the result.

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I feel you are wasting time on here rather than getting the issue resolved. The fact you think you can just get a policy that has probably been in place since the 360 baffles me, but I applaud your confidence.

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You have to understand that policy for the company standpoint. You may have received a defective controller out of the box, but Microsoft cannot just take your word for it, especially if it is not a known, or emerging issue. So what options you are provided with is to ship the controller yourself for a replacement, do an advanced exchange if applicable, meaning Microsoft sends a controller to you, then you send the defective controller back, or you could go to the retailer you bought the console from, and request a controller exchange, which they have their own set policies as well.

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Scrubs, it was cancelled early, and anyone that saw the last season would agree that it wasn't Scrubs.

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@ChadMasterFlash said:

@Hizang said:

Black Ops is the best Call of Duty, so why would you not want a sequel to that?

If you're going by opinion that's great but if you're using sales data then MW3 is the greatest and no one in the right mind should want another MW sequel.

Sales data does not determine a games merit by any stretch whatsoever...

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Yea! If it has tanks, I am not getting it, they have been dishing those out since I can remember, talk about unoriginal!!!

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I played d2 for 5 years, eventually I got tired of core(although I loved pvp) so I gave Hc a try. I almost never play now without making it a Hc character, and I plan on doing the same in D3. It just adds a whole new challenge to the game that I really enjoy.

Go ahead, go Pvp In Hc...

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Right, thats why they usually dominate the video game market.

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Hmmm, I agree with what you all are saying, I personally think it is easier to transition from CoD to Bf3 to an extent. The reason I say this is CoD is a lot more fast paced, gun on gun action, with the exception of the kill streaks. Now if you are able to handle cods arcade-ish fast paced style, I think you would be able to handle Bf3 much easier than if you were to transition the other way. Now Bf3 does have vehicles, which some are a challenge to get used to, but when it comes down to it, Bf3 is a Fps, just like CoD.

So basically what I am saying is that if I was a battlefield veteran, and then someone asked me to play CoD, without having previously played any CoD, I would be having a lot of trouble.

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Just a question I had boggling in my mind, and I was wondering what other peoples opinions are.

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