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"When we lose curiosity, I think we lose, entirely, inventiveness, and we start becoming old".

Oh FFS, I was not ready for that burst of wisdom. Completely taken off guard but definitely one of the best things I've heard in a long time.

*slow clap for del Toro*

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As much as I agree that "developers" should have more resolve than to blatantly cloned an existing product, I'm really getting tired of hearing about the "indie darling" JSJ that only gaming press, their friends, and a select few at conventions have had the ability to play. How about we call a halt on reporting about this "game" until us normal people can play it?

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Mia - Jordana Brewster

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All you guys throwing the word "EMO" around has completely obliterated any actual meaning to it. Just because his hair is black and cut oddly does not equal emo. Do you see Dante moping in a corner? 
To be honest, the attitude and movement style of the new Dante made me think of The Crow.

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I knew GoW3 wouldn't be the last game

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Milford, CT -- 3mbps Cable connection
Longer videos stutter later into the videos. Shorter videos for the most part seem fine. My connection is fast enough however that the pre-loading didn't affect me at all and I had no issue with it.

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I host and produce a podcast over Skype and actually use a combination of both of your options. We each record locally using audacity and then everyone sends me their files for combining. We use Pamela as a backup plan in case Audacity crashes for anyone. If you think about it, $30 in the long run is not a lot of money at all.
In respect to the Rock Band mics, they actually do have surprising sound quality. One of the guys I podcast with uses one and he comes out loud and clear through the recording.

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There was never a doubt that the Bombcast was our top pick this year. Usually the "Best of..." category is the most contested in any set of awards, but in this case I think myself and the rest of the CastMedium writers went into our meeting without a second thought on this one.

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@Andorski said:
" Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad for the mutha' ****** win. "
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I love how giddy he got when he started talking about Borderlands. Anytime the head of a studio gets that genuinely excited about a game, you have to give him props. Also, I wonder where he got those stands his systems are on...