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My PS3 Collection list ( is not working properly, the second member is not showed and it crashes every time I want to edit it in order to add more members o reorder the old ones. Also, in the lists section of my profile the list appears as a 80 member list while in fact it has 84. I don't know if you can't fix it from your side, I don't want to delete it and make it again and I'm afraid that long lists will have the same issue. Thanks.

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It confirms my list edit was saved after adding a new member to a 73 item list, but then the 404 page shows up and when I go to the list I find the change/s were not applied. I'm using Chrome, but I tried Firefox once a few days ago and it was the same.

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LOL, Sui Generis is a well known Argentinian band from the 70s.

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I want them to have at least 8gb of ram, we would be fine if the ps3 and the 360 had more ram, games wouldn't be that far from their PC counterparts, so to make them future proof they should put a lot of ram on there, even if they end up being really expensive, we won't care 5 years later if that prevents us from reaching the point where pc exclusives are far superior than console exclusives.

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I actually met someone from GB and after some years of friendship he ended up being my roommate early this year, crazy stuff

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It's good when you do it with a spin off or a secondary game, for example, Killzone 1,2 an 3 are FPSs and Liberation is a third person isometric shooter, just by the title of the game you know it's not a main installment of the IP, and that's fine, the problem is when you fuck it up like the examples you just mentioned, when the main games are drastically changed.

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Vanquish, Bayonetta, Shadows of the damned, Journey, Lost Odyssey, pretty much everything from developers outside the US and France borders?

......Journey is the fastest selling PSN game ever

I was thinking about Enslaved, a game that in fact I own, I don't know why I said Journey ha!, thanks

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Vanquish, Bayonetta, Shadows of the damned, Enslaved, Lost Odyssey, pretty much everything from developers outside the US and France borders?

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The next Playstation, because it has been the best console manufacturer since the PS1, when you buy a Sony console you get the low failure rate, the exclusives, the classy form factor and a device that is pretty much ready to go, remember the phat 360 that didn't have wi-fi, hdmi, HDD, free online and all the stuff was propietary, cables, HDD, transfer kit, the gamepads don't even come with a rechargeable battery!, you had to buy the battery or start wasting loads of money on AA batteries, with the PS3 you always got everything to start enjoying PSN right from the get go.

This gen I made a mistake and bought a 360 first but then later that year I got a PS3 as god intended and never went back to the xbox.

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I would like a strong redhead character a la Renegade Shepard, voiced by Jennifer Hale, kicking asses and interrupting everyone while they speak with a falcon punch on the face