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@Hamz said:
" @Linkyshinks: 
First things first, I'm bullet pointing and @replying because the thought of extra long quotes in a back-and-forth discussion seems unnecessary.
  • That comment from me that you quoted I have apologised for above if it did offend someone, however no complaints were made at the time (or since its posting) and thus I felt the intended humour of it was clearly apparent to all.
  •  Let us be honest here. The simple truth is one female user was passed over for a moderation position. She now has a grudge, for that I apologise. But there are many users on this site who have been passed over for a moderator position and many more that will likely never be considered. That sadly is the way things work out. "
 So where is my apology Hamz? I never complained because if i did i'd most likely be banned or blacklisted but i really don't care anymore.... And you seem to be misguided in you assumption that i have a grudge against anyone here.  And by the way when i do find problems here i contact a Mod to fix them, you of all people should know this.
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@Black_Rose said:
" @ValkyrieGoddess: Yeah you did, but you seem to forget the fact that most of them aren't even active anymore except for Jacki maybe. "
Actually Erin is on quite regularly and Shazam has come back.... but the rest of them have it seems been scared off.
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@Black_Rose said:

" Oh man, this thread became a flame thread so fast I didn't even notice.
And @ValkyrieGoddess: I refuse to believe that in all your time here you think being a woman is the reason you're not a mod "

No that is not the main reason but it is a contributing factor and i find that disheartening. And like i clearly stated above in another post to this thread that i don't really care if i am a Mod they could just as well choose JackJinx, Shazam, Virago, Erinfizz, or even Coffesash. All of us contributed to the growth of Giant Bomb so shouldn't we all be given a fair shot at being a Mod???
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@Hamz said:
" Linkyshinks you're slowly crossing a line from trying to state a point that we have told you we understand to becoming somewhat passive aggressive over this.  I've said it a few times now, and I'll say it again, the site welcomes people of all nationalities, ethnicities, religions and gender as well as sexual preference. We are not and never have been in the habit of discrimination. "
You can say that all you want but the truth of the matter is that it's all Bull shit. You just hide behind  your Equal Opportunity for all spiel but actually don't follow it. I would like to see a list of who is being nominated for Moderator.... and then we can see if any discrimination is really going on. And Fuck why not let the people on this site nominate people and then have the people nominated do a try out of sorts.
Wait i forgot no one will listen to my suggestions because NO ONE gives a FUCK!!!!!!!
-Did that get my point across???
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@Hamz said:
" It should be noted we pick new moderators based on individual merit and how good we feel they would be for the job. Not based on gender.  Picking a female moderator for the sake of having a female moderator does not mean we have picked the right person for the job.  The reason the current roster of moderators is all male, and has always been all male, is not due to sexism or anything like that. It is due, in large part, to the fact a majority of our user-base is in fact male which means more of our possible candidates are male than female. Simple as that.  No sexism here at all.  PS. - Girls smell! "
I hope that last part was in jest Hamz. And we where not saying just pick a female any female. Pick a female or at least consider a female that has contributed to this site and helps out which you should know that i do Hamz. I don't even really care if you pick Shazam, JackiJinx Coffesash or Virago. The fact is that there are female members here that contribute and would like to further help out this site.
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You got some real talent when it comes to drawing. I envy you.

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No. The system works fine as it is.

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@CL60 said:
" Things like this are why we could benefit from more forum mods. "
I have to agree with this.
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@CitizenKane said:
"Also, I am big chested(I'm guy, so don't get all excited) so I always have to get "fitted" dress shirts. "
This  made looking at this thread worth it. Thanks for the laugh i needed it.
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@luce said:
" dont care about the banners i just hate the halo commercial playing at the start of EVERY video. "
Yeah that is annoying.