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I filled out all the predictions and didn't get the mount for yellow Smeevil. What is going on, I checked today to see what's up and one prediction is now "Make a Prediction", but they're locked and now I don't know what to do, I've filled the predictions days before they got locked.

Also, NOWHERE in the Compendium does it say that filling out predictions gives you a mount, the conditions for other mounts are there, but not this one.

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Any traders still out there?

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Well, if they make it more like Gothic and less like TES, there's no doubt in my mind that this will not be a masterpiece.

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@jamesshell: Except for one, no characters featured in the artwork ever existed in a Rockstar game. So no.

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@Tennmuerti: Ah, that makes much more sense. For some reason I thought everything would/should go back to normal (The undoing the crime and so on). So this only leaves one question. What the hell were Fury and Strife doing all that time?

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@Tennmuerti: Alright, thanks.

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@Tennmuerti: Welp, that's a disappointment. Do the quest rewards stay the same in New Game+ or do they stay the same? It seems kind of pointless to start chasing most quests if I won't use the gear anyway.

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@Tennmuerti: Is there a way to get to the DLC campaign through the main storyline like via quest or something? Also, does New Game+ completely override your progress (Like stones and book pages)?

It seems kind of stupid that if I start DLC content from the main menu Death just spawns in some place with no explanation.

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How long does Death's journey last, anyway? The only problem I have with the story is kind of a disconnect between what Death did and what War did in the ending. It looked to me like Death saved humanity while War was still imprisoned or fucking shit up on Earth. I find it hard to believe that Death's quest took 100+ years to accomplish.

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Me and my buddy watched some "pro" streamer who happened to be Russian (And he was pretty terrible, not to mention anger management issues, but at least he was cussing in (butchered) English), and what I noticed was that in the matchmaking he didn't even select the Russian server, just the two EU ones. Problem is, everyone thinks they're too good for their server and go to the EU server, but then every single idiot is on the EU server. IP restrictions should seriously be put in place.