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Microsoft should be blamed because they are the publisher and it is their job to fund development of said games updates. Microsoft is also the platform holder that charges publishers/developers money to update their games. 
You expect a tiny indie developer to pay for bandwidth costs that their publisher/platform holder charges them? 

The PC version on the other hand is updated because certification is non-existent and its cheap to push updates on Steam.
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EA is doing nothing with their Porsche license.

Forza 3: 35 Porsche models
NEED FOR SPEED -  Shift 2: 10 Porsche models 
NEED FOR SPEED - The Run: 5 Porsche models

Shift 3 is not coming since EA has cut of Slightly Mad Studio's funding and support for Shift2, they have also said they cannot release patches because EA doesn't have the time to Q/A them.

Meanwhile, neither iRacing on PC, Forza 4 on the 360, or GT5 on the PS3 have Porsche cars. 
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@ProfessorEss said:
I can't say I'm not a little let down that the 360 isn't getting this. I enjoyed MNC but eventually stopped playing due to lack of variety and balance issues. I was quite looking forward to a sequel. Another day, another game I suppose.
The PC version of MNC has had quite a few balance changes, feature additions, and new content including one map. 
It costs money to release content on XBL after the first patch, and Microsoft is the publisher, so blame Microsoft for not allowing Uber Ent to support MNC 360.
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People care that Gamestop is opening sealed copies of PC games which come with unique codes, removing items that come with their new product, and then are selling a product to them as new.
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So when can we expect online only drm + cdkeys on console games?

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In today's hit-driven market, making a game that plays nothing like the popular game it is following up leads to failure. 
Who would have known? 

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I Predict: Just like BC2, thousands upon thousands of codes will be given away via various enthusiast sites and server hosting resellers. 

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I've played in the Beta for some time, I can guarantee this is one of the most innovative and genuinely solid mmorpgs on the market.  
Its actually the Sequel to Anamka's multi-million player mmo, Dofus. 
Honestly, the largest problem this game faces is the split between North America and the World. Its really a shame that Square-Enix picked up the publishing and network rights to run this game in North America.  
Square makes this game look like a baby game, its just as deep and complex as every other major mmo.

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Character are too tall, even as someone who has played AC once or twice this looks odd.

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Zelda in HD? Been there, done that.