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@mwng: My personal recommendation would be something like Sennheiser 595's. I've been using my pair for years, more or less all day every day, and they are still going strong. I think the 598's are the current version of it. The comfort is probably the most important thing to me though, I have to admit. To be able to wear them for hours on end and not have them pinch my ears or feel uncomfortable.

Edit: Should add, these are totally open headphones. No sound isolation or anything, so while I think the sound on them is pretty good (certainly better than whatever I had before), you should expect to be able to hear other people in the house or the like while wearing them. I kind of like that myself, because closed phones are the ones that tend to pinch me and get sweaty and uncomfortable more easily.

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Jesus fucking god why no please stop how.

Haha, yeah, the guys who spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on Steam trading cards are always interesting to take a look at.


I'd be interested to see how often it pays off for them. I got kind of into the last thing like this (what that last xmas?) and probably spent $10 or so on cards. Maybe a little more. I got a lucky Dota2 drop (from the cards) that I just sold for $38 though so that worked out all right for me in the end.

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Mandurah, WA, Australia.

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"The game that could make the Call of Duty titan... " etc.

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@wampa1: Absolutely no worries there then. Corsair is a solid brand.

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@sooty: I'll have a look at the motherboard issue, I'm fairly certain everything is installed into the correct slots but I'll ask him to check next chance he gets. It's a 600 watt ATX power supply which I hear should be enough for what I have, as for windows it's what's preinstalled in this older hard drive that I brought across from the previous PC was planning to upgrade to 8 and add a SSD later once I fix these issues and I can afford it.

Do you happen to know what brand your power supply is? Not all are created equal and the wattage of cheap PSU's is not always exactly as described. That said, the not-fresh Windows install sounds like the most likely culprit.

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@eternic: I grabbed 24THP-8H4DQ-YXBPB, thanks!

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You get a hell of a lot of game for your money with Guild Wars 2, and they put new content in quite often.

I just wish you could have had more skills to use at a single time on that game, limiting them by weapon choice made those core 5 abilities feel boring fast.

That's a fair complaint. I was playing an Elementalist and didn't come up against that problem quite as much. Switching between elements giving a new set of skills, so you could end up working through all the elements in a tougher fight to do the finishers you wanted/get the buffs you want.

I had a lot of fun exploring the world though, something that I hadn't felt like doing since original WoW. And for some reason I really liked the jumping puzzle stuff, which I wasn't expecting.

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You get a hell of a lot of game for your money with Guild Wars 2, and they put new content in quite often.