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Tried the onboard graphics? Motherboard might be defaulting to that?

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This video is kinda painful to watch - The new lead dev on the left whenever PM opens his mouth especially.

I actually bought Godus when it was suspiciously 60% off pretty early on in its life. It's a bad game.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, hello Peter!

Is... is that motherfucker on the left vapingduring their "sorry, we fucked up" video?!

He's not really part of the "sorry, we fucked up" part. He came on later and is trying to fix it, but basically has an impossible task. If he wants to vape, more power to him. Dude should probably hit the bottle and call Molyneux out on camera. Now THAT I'd pay cash money for.

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Please don't just copy/paste full articles from other sites. Link to the source, summarize, give your input if you'd like.

I think that's exactly what he did? EDIT: Sorry, my mistake. I read the RPS story earlier and didn't realise he was quoting the PC Gamer one which is why I didn't recognise it.

Edit: On topic.. I can't blame people for being excited for Molyneux going back to his roots and all, but surely they must have known at this point that he is notorious for over-promising and under-delivering. Still, even if everything in the pitch weren't to make it in, that wouldn't be as bad as the appearance that they are putting most of their resources into the mobile version and apparently leaving the PC version to rot.

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@drgrumbles: He's Australian. We are legally required to swear.

Okay, not really, but it's still super ingrained. I read that and I think absolutely nothing of it. I use FAR worse language talking to my mother.

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People only think it's gross when they're the ones not making money, if people are stupid enough to pay $2000 for a grey PS4 then so be it.

I don't know about that. I have some extra money sitting in the bank. There's nothing stopping me scalping stuff myself except for the fact that I'd feel like a scumbag and am happier not to feel that way.

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On the plus side, everyone in Australia that has a brain has known how to circumvent these bans for years!

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If a game isn't on the Steam storefront, and I purchase a code from an international seller, can Steam legally block me from redeeming it? This is assuming that the code itself is not region locked.

That should work. I've bought numerous digital games off Amazon, for instance, to get a US code to put in to steam. Saints Row 4, for example. You then get the uncensored version.

I'm pretty sure redeeming a code on steam won't work unless you use a VPN or something. I remember looking into the same thing for Saints Row IV

Saints Row 4 worked fine if you got a US code, as to 99.99% of games. The only exception I know of is South Park. Buying a code for it from Amazon (for example) and putting that into AU steam gives a message that it's region locked, apparently. Of course, there are still plenty of ways around that, even without a VPN. You can have an american/european friend gift you the game (that's how I got the uncensored L4D2 when it was fresh). You can even gift it to yourself if you don't have a friend overseas and do a little legwork yourself. Another account that is US region and an online only credit card that you fill up from your real card, for instance.

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I can't believe people are still helping the OP after what a complete douche he is being.

Honestly, I think it's more people helping the other people in the thread at this point. Him also getting the recommendations is an unfortunate side effect.