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did they say anything of what engine they would be using?

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Will wait for the GiantBomb quick look/review before i make a choice, saved me in the past.

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personally i don't care what gender they are, as long as they are interesting.

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got threes after reading this, its design is really cute and the score is great!

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for a game like skyrim, all those swiping moves could easily subsitute the select and start button, oh and the option button seems like a good idea, it just forces games to think alittle out of the box when talking about menus.

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I think those holes on the front are for speakers and I pray that they are never used so I can make sure it stays turned completely off, just like I did the Wii mote speaker.

i never like the idea of speakers on the controller either, what if i use headphone? or if i'm talking to someone on mic or if i'm trying not to be too loud, i feel like it's a luxury that is frankly not needed, atleast not on the controller.

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@mikkaq: As someone with fairly big hands I have always been alot more annoyed with the 360 controller, mostly because of that damn battery placement which dosnt offer much room for your fingers.

i have big hands aswell and long fingers, so i place my fingers downwards on the back of the 360 controller, i do wish they make the battery smaller and that it's replaceable, it sucks when you realize that you controller doesn't work and it's the battery, when it can't be replaced. I've always had the problem that the DS3 was always quite small for my big hands, making it uncomfortable to use it when playing shooters, that might just be me tho as i have quite big hands.

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i like that it requires 2 cameras in your living room and that the console cant be turned off and that its always online.

i think that's an option, i believe that there will be an option to turn it off, cause sometimes there can go weeks inbetween plays and then it doesn't need to be on at all.

i think the cameras was to track your controller when using the move light, so that might be an option aswell.

i hope we'll see more in the next couple of months coming and thanks to everyone for sharing their opinions :D

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Any and all opinions on the PS4 controller.

The new share button: Personally i wouldn't have minded if it was a tab in the playstation menu, instead of a dedicated button,

it's weird, i don't quite know how to feel about it.

Price: maybe it's me but the whole controller seems like it's packed with features, what when it breaks?

how much would it cost to get a new one? and would you be able to get one with less features aka a stripped down version that cost less.

as i do not assume that all PS4 games will utilize the touch screen.

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@devildoll: yeah that was before the meeting i said that ;p

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@devildoll: i never liked the idea of a screen on the controller, i mean i have a giant ass screen infront of me, why would i want to look away from it and turn to this tiny little screen.

we haven't looked at the controller ever since we memorized it and now they want us to turn back and look at it again.