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with that sort of action it almost needs some The Walking Dead quick time events, i wouldn't understand how you would otherwise make the action fit in.

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I bought both the Castle Crashers DLC for pc and i got the game for a friend, the day before it went on sale :/

Considering getting Mount Your Friends 4 pack and sending the extras to some friends so we can play together.

Castle Crashers is 90% off right now, if you haven't tried it, now is the best opportunity to do so.

I see alot of great, fantastic games out there, with some prices that are practically a steal, Arkham Asylum 75% off is one of them.

Any games you feel are a must grab this steam sale?

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@ShaggE: i'm still an infant, when it comes to horror games, i'd properly play it after Amnesia, i'll have to start playing Amnesia too.

@GristleMcThornbody: Remember Bloodborne too.

@FlamingHobo: Monolith appears to be the one studio that can take any franchise and make an success game out of it, they're the disney of video games. Do you play Fallout 3/New Vegas modded?

@Tajasaurus: A comic book exists, i don't know if the story is that interesting tho.

@Fevernova: i've only heard good things about Max Payne 3. There's an anime of Dark Cloud(or it's original title "Dark Chronicle"), i haven't been able to find much more than that link that says there's an anime of it, must be a Japan exclusive thing. How did you like Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE?

@Sammo21: The last Crash Bandicoot game i played was The Wrath of Cortex, which was competent, but my favorite Crash games remains Warped, 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bash with friends.

@alwaysbebombing: How much different is Sims 4 from Sims 3? the visuals seems to have gotten a upgrade, but how much of it is worth getting the game for? I went from playing a tremendous about of hours in the bottleneck of a game the Sims 2 to not really caring much with the Sims 3. The best Sims game i've played is still the very first Sims game, because it had all those weird expansions, The magic one is my favorite.

@Mortuss_Zero: wasn't Manhunt banned in alot of countries, because someone did something and blamed the game for it? When you said that Gladius was set in ancient rome, i didn't expect it to have skeleton warriors and Minotaurs. Fallout 4 will come for sure, anything new you'd want to see in it? i'd like some coop so i can play with friends, nothing fancy, just let my friend join me as an companion.

@Meptron: in the meantime you can mod the games while waiting.

@fidgetwidget: is the pc version any good? it's games for windows right? wasn't that discontinued? does it prevent you from playing the game?

Seems i forgot to post my reply.

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Nobody can tell what Telltale is doing anymore.

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I don't think it would have been a good movie anyways, but out of pure principle, i don't think we should give in to terrorist demands.

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This is fun, good job! :D

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@zamolxes: one thing i know is that Nvidia invest in technology and development, that might have helped them stay ontop.

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