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Wife got in but I have not :-( If anyone has a spare key so I can play with her I would appreciate it.

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I'd be interested. I do pod casting for another website (hosting, recording, editing, talking) etc. I have also done some youtube work. I could possibly record if needed. Depends on my scheduled around the time of go live.

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Hmm I have my mage on ganora since BC. Haven't played since march 2012 though. Did some light raiding here and there but could never find a group on the server that was mature and had a fri/sun night group. To level I just grinded LFD groups as I can not stand solo questing. I plan on doing that getting to 90 and see where you guys are at for raid openings before I pay for a faction and server change.

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Got the temp guild invite.

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I got this invite to show in the guild menu. The main guild invite popped like this one but never showed in guild menu.

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Thank you for the update! I did see the pop up for the invite but there is nothing in the guild menu.

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Added my info.

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Joined via the guild webpage. I've played mmo's since FFXI. I played that for close to 6 years and pretty much did everything there was to do it in at that time. I've dabbled in wow and pretty much every other major MMO that has come out weather just in beta or for a few months after release. I played a bit of guild wars 1 but that was past its prime so did not really get to deep into it.

I am looking forward to playing GW2. The changes they have made to the MMO formula is really interesting.

Ive been on giant bomb since its first day and have not missed a single bombcast. I rarely use the forums here and mostly read a few posts here and there. I did have more posts but when they became a part of whiskey media my orginal account name got taken or something and I had to merge my old one with this one....? I dunno what really happened but here I am and ready to join the GW2 GB ranks.

Also Lincoln Force is a perfect name. Good inside joke/knowledge of GB :-p

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Could someone that downloaded it reupload it somewhere? The original download is dead....

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