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A Sonic Game that Doesn't Suck? 0

Sega Superstars Tennis is, let's face it, a fairly blatant attempt to get a piece of the Mario Tennis pie that Nintendo has had for the past decade or so. But, as far as marketing ploys go, this is a solid piece of entertainment. Yes, it's technically just a tennis game but it's a fun, frantic and solidly made tennis game, with tons of fan service to cater to long-time Sega followers.Here's the gist of this game: it's basically a simplified version of Virtua Tennis (in my opinion, the greatest t...

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You Get What You Pay For 0

If it wasn't for some of the Live Arcade games bundled here, this would easily get a star-lower grade. But there's such great value here that I can't ignore, even if it's at the cost of accessibilty.I remember the old Namco Museum days, where you would actually go through a 3D museum of arcade classics; you could read up on the history of the games, or look at unused art or whatever. That was a creative and entertaining way to show you the work that went into these classics, not to mention a coo...

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Drill Dozing..zzz 0

Mr. Driller Online is a pretty shoddy downloadable game. There, I said it. It looks fugly, the gameplay is unchanged from nearly a decade ago and the online barely works. There's no reason why you should spend your money on this.Unless you picked up Namco Museum Virtual Arcade like I did. Then you'll take a step back and see that maybe it isn't worthless. At least, only when it's part of a bigger package.If you've never played Mr. Driller before, here's the gist. It's a "puzzle-action" game wher...

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Same Old Song and Dance 0

Ha HA! Aren't I clever, see I made the title of this review a direct allusion to the title of an Aerosmith song (which, ironically, isn't in this game)! Hey have you played Guitar Hero? Do you like Aerosmith? Would you like to see them put together in one inconvenient and phoned-in package? Well, ok then. Here you go.Let's get started with the nitty-gritty here. It's Guitar Hero but with a decent but not spectacular selection of Aerosmith songs and songs by other artists that "inspired or opened...

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Faint Praise, but Praise Nonetheless 0

Remember that game Everything or Nothing a few years back? Man, that was and still is the best Bond game of all time. In that game, you weren't just some no-name soldier shooting up fools. You were Bond, you were romancing the ladies, hijacking vehicles, blowing up stuff. That was the best Bond movie no one ever made.With Quantum of Solace, we're back to making games based of movies again. And hey, look we have the entire cast brought back in digital form (now-a-days, we expect no less from movi...

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Decent fun for the price. 0

I believe that this cost me $4 or $5 bucks when I originally bought this game, but it did give me some entertainment for the most part. Again, the 360 version has minor advantages, mostly online play, achievements and cleaner graphics. But regardless, whatever version of the game you decide to play, "Big Bumpin" provides a minor diversion. The different modes of play can be very addicting (especially the "Hockey" mini-game) given you play with a few competitive, like-minded friends. Don't expect...

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Quite "Heavenly" Indeed. 0

"Heavenly Sword" is not just an epic action game; it happens to be the best blockbuster popcorn movie to not come out in theaters. The graphics are amazing; truly some of the best PS3 has to offer. The acting is also good (though not without its corny-one liners), as is the simple yet captivating story. The game plays like a dream too; about as close as one can get to playing "God of War" without actually being Kratos. My only qualm is the super-short length of the game; it can be beaten in 10 h...

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SNK Arcade Classics: Better than Virtual Console? 0

To Tell you the truth, "SNK Arcade Classics" didn't strike me as the must have game compilation for the PS2 (that, my friends, belongs to the excellent Sega Genesis Collection). But I had some fun with the games here. I disagree that this should be called "Arcade Classics" since some of these games kinda suck (the blatant Final Fight rip-off "Burning Fight"). But it's definitely cool that a lot of different types of games were included. The sports games are awesome, especially Baseball Stars (wh...

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