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@mracoon: No problem, understandable as I have no proof. To be honest I hope I've been lied to, but I really doubt it.

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@nekusakuraba: It seems the UK office thought it was a solid date until a few days ago.

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@general_boredom: Because release dates never change and Amazon is always the first to know. Right?

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@chaser324: From what I heard it was a complete surprise to everyone in the UK and multiple calls to head office in France were made to find out what the hell was going on. It sounds like a complete mess.

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Hey guys, I have some bad news.

According to my source in Ubisoft, South Park SOT has been delayed yet again until February 2014. This information comes from the UK so maybe it's just been delayed here but I wouldn't hold out much hope for a US release this year either.

UPDATE: If that wasn't bad enough apparently now it's delayed to March.

UPDATE 2: Turns out it was true, Jeff just updated the release date to March 4th.

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@NoMuiscFound: Yea, I would expect it not to be an issue but as I said, didn't mention as Sony says don't. As it is, it's hardly worth the hassle for me as I can just turn on my PC or 360 and get the content from my standard accounts there. I would just prefer the PS3 to be the simplest.

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@Petiew: @AlexW00d: Yes I think the majority might, I tested it with FF7 which runs at the same speed as my actual PS1 copy of the game. Alundra however, specifically says in the download information that it requires a 60 htz TV, but the software seems to tell the PS3 to output at 50 htz. I did confirm all of this with Sony technical support, so I'm fairly sure it's a software issue.

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@dekkadekkadekka: Should be getting, but seriously, apart from absent releases, I have nothing but good things to say about PS+ recently in Europe.

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@Grissefar: @NoMuiscFound: I am aware of the possibility of opening a US account however I'm fairly sure it's against Sony's terms and can cause one, if not both of your accounts to be disabled. Unlikely maybe, but I decided not to mention it because as far as Sony is concerned that it not a valid option.

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"Downloads of electronic books or music from a website, or the purchase of ring tones and screen savers for mobile phones are likely, in our view, to be seen as services rather than goods as the customer does not receive physical goods. The rights to cancel these items are the same as those that apply to services."

It doesn't specifically mentions games (I kid (sort of)), or other forms of generic digital media for that matter, which kinds of points out how touch it is.


"For services

  • If you give your customer the required written information on or before the day the contract is concluded , their cancellation rights will last for seven working days, counting from the day after the contract was concluded."

The mouseover text on states:

"A contract is concluded when the consumer becomes bound to buy something and the business becomes bound to supply it."

I would very much doubt the contract can include "We can provide you with faulty software and not be obligated to refund or replace it". Even if it did you could argue it conflicts with a pre-existing law (Sales of Goods Act) and is therefore nullified.

Either way it does seem to be a mess and I'm not bothered about the money really, more the attitude. Cheers for the info, I thought the situation was fairly clear legally but it's actually ambiguous as hell.