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I seem to remember this being an attractive game. The gameplay was also quite fun. It seems that these guys have had quite an eclectic development history. What are some other developers with wildly varied styles like Southend?

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Studying for finals? Does UCLA use a quarter system? That's weird. Right now (this week, next week) is spring break for many schools.

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@CornBREDX: @RE_Player92: I don't know RE_Player92's teachers goals, but I would encourage active learning (aka, getting the students involved in lecture/learning process). There is at least on e study showing that it is a more effective method of teaching than just blabbing for 3 hours. I'm sure it stils needs to be effective and focused. That's certainly my goals in lecture.
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Chris Hardwick runs a self proclaimed podcast of nerd/comedians and references/interviews a lot of the people already mentioned. 

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Wire! My sister-in-law played a dead hooker on the Wire. The role suited her.

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Looks good, but how's the points?