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Enough to just bang her good I guess. hahahahahahaha

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Bioware RPGs trained me to be the goody little two shoes because I often think it's the right thing to do and those choices usually give you the best outcome. In the Witcher 3, this whole notion goes out of the window and I just go with my gut. My Geralt is a good guy at heart but he can be a snarky asshole and will wreck your shit if you cross him. I don't feel bad about it either. That's some good game design right there.

A good example of this is when you have Whoreson Junior at your mercy. There's a noble choice (not killing him or whatever) and there's the not so noble choice (killing him). In those kind of games, I would go for the noble choice but not here. With glee, I killed that monster and that's what Geralt does best. There's also a corpse collector that was talking smack about Priscilla. I would usually pick the "I'll ignore that" option but in this case, I decked him in the face.

I also killed that guy! I don't know of anyone other than comic book superheroes that would let monsters like that live.

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@thenine said:
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I can't believe Pantera hasn't had a stronger mention. RIP Dimebag

YEP!!! In the 90's this band had the biggest impact to me along with Sepultura, but to answer the OP's question I did like Slayer>Megadeth>Anthrax>Metallica.

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You guys play in the US region?

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I'm aware this thread is several months old but just wondering if anyone here still playing this? Got back to it and so far here in Asia a decent amount of players (about 400+ everyday) still play but its always on attrition though.

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Great, another shitty Far Cry choice. The options at the end of 3 were bullshit. If they're going to continue with this format, they need to give you a third choice "Fuck all you shitheads!" where you flip everyone off then happily walk off into the sunset.

THIS!!! Although I didn't finish Far Cry 3 single player, I felt that much of the people I worked with in this game (including that wannabe badass CIA dickhead Willis) I also wanted a choice to just gun them all down to have a fitting end for that land.

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@glottery: Not just MDK 2 even the 1st MDK's soundtrack was awesome!

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On the other hand Ninja Gaiden also had cool BGMs for its action as well.

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Damn in the eastcoast? My is gna be atleast 300+ coming from Japan. hahahahhaa

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Liking his description about the current trend of game movies in general.

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His endurance to watch this for us will also be remembered.

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Deepest condolences to his family. If it means anything I will really miss his TANG shows since I loved those. It's been fun he shared his gaming thoughts to us.