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@glottery: Not just MDK 2 even the 1st MDK's soundtrack was awesome!

On the other hand Ninja Gaiden also had cool BGMs for its action as well.

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Damn in the eastcoast? My is gna be atleast 300+ coming from Japan. hahahahhaa

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Liking his description about the current trend of game movies in general.

His endurance to watch this for us will also be remembered.

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Deepest condolences to his family. If it means anything I will really miss his TANG shows since I loved those. It's been fun he shared his gaming thoughts to us.

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ok I'm really broke with rift crystals now. anyone willing to hire my pawn to help farm more rift crystals would be appreciated. PSN ID: fafaSMURF

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Shadow of the Colossuss

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You're buying it as a set piece already right? Do you have the link to it? That seems good enough to run most modern games today and GTX 660 supports DX11 so investing on that maybe a good start. The good thing about buying a PC rig already packaged is your warranty for it as a whole. So if anything goes wrong just send it back and they should get it fixed for you.

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Ey guys add me in PSN: fafaSMURF

I could use you're pawn's help. :D of course when my pawn's level is good enough I'll definitely share mine too.

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Yes it is for me.

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I've been using the Shadow of the Colossus dynamic theme that came with my copy ever since.. well, release.

This! Exactly the same thing. haha