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It looks like all of Evanomearas codes are used. It's annoying seeing as we don't have three replies telling the rest of us they have been used.

I'm still on the hunt for a EU code so if anyone does have any spares and is feeling generous feel free to PM me.

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That's really bad that only new subscribers can get the discount. I also seriously can't fathom why you are still forcing people to pay for credit to the store even though some people straight up don't want it.

Look, I know Rorie is offering to let people email him, but honestly, I haven't been thrilled with the content this year so when given a choice between jumping through hoops or just running out my subscription I'm probably going to have to go for the latter at this point.

Don't get me wrong I understand the reasons, but I think it's insane to have a sale targeted at just new users like this because it just looks like you're leaving us users that have been here from the beginning out in the cold. Surely some thought should go to the users that have supported the site from the start as well?

The bottom line is I could accept paying $35 to add another year to my subscription even with the possibility that I might not enjoy all the content, but I can't accept paying $50 for another year while new users are getting discounts and while I'm still wasting money on a store voucher I will never use.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone!

I'm going to make sure I buy a decent case for it (some of the suggestions didn't seem easily attainable in the UK) and I'll see if I can find some good third party screen protectors as well. I'm not looking forward to trying to apply them, but I know it'll bug me if I don't get them.

Any mods can feel free to lock this thread now I guess!

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So I'm probably going to get one next week and I was wondering if someone that owns one could set me straight regarding screen protectors. I always like to keep my screens in decent condition (tiny bit paranoid about it) and thus protectors are generally a must for me and so I'm wondering if someone can clarify whether or not the slim model comes with one pre applied or not.

I'm hoping it comes with one already on as normally finding a decent one is a pain and getting them on right is always a bigger pain for me. Damn bubbles ...

Anyway! If someone that has a slim could tell me I'd appreciate it. =)

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I'm another one of those people that can't struggle to gain weight. I have the equipment to work out, created a routine and started it, but stopped when I realised it won't do me much good if I can't put on some weight first. I'm 6'2 weighing 153 pounds and if I remember correctly I calculated that I need like 3,000 - 3,500 calories a day just to put on 1 pound a week.

I've been calorie counting for two weeks, though I have been trying to eat more for months and noticed I'm only hitting my current goal of 2,500 calories a day 50% of the time. I'm already struggling to eat more and I'm not even eating as much as I'm apparently supposed to be eating which makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to change.

Bleh, now I'm sad. =(

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If I worked side by side with the person, then I probably wouldn't. There's no way to know what some people will do, or say rather, when a relationship ends. I really don't like the idea of having personal information or lies spread about me at work.

So while most people will say they wouldn't, if the opportunity came along, I bet a lot of those people would give it a shot.

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I'm really enjoying playing it again, enough so that I've stopped playing Dark Souls 2, but I have two gripes with it:

1. I don't like the new music or faces. I can deal with them, but I think they were both better before.

2. I've noticed some bad slowdown in a few of the cutscenes. In the scene at Macalania temple it's really noticeable.

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I started going to a stylist late last year and I tip pretty well. The cut costs £10 and I give her £15.

I would never tip that high in any other circumstance but the experience is flawless, so I'm happy to pay that much for what I get out of it. Until now I hated getting my hair cut because I was never happy with the experience and that was reflected in the tip when I would just round up slightly from say £9 to £10.

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ID: Scottish_Bagpuss

Time Zone: GMT

Games: Killzone and Tomb Raider.

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It's not just Canada - it's everywhere. Well, seemingly everywhere except the US to my knowledge (could be wrong).

It makes me absolutely liv-- I don't actually care that much. I'll continue to do what I've always done which is not buy a game until the price drops. I have more than enough games I haven't played to keep me going and in the end I save a lot of money.

If anything stupid pricing makes me more cautious about games and I end up regretting purchases a lot less.