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Adding them all up with the PS+ prices they're about 54 bucks and with the $10 back they average out to about 11 bucks a piece. That's not bad for 4 cross-buy games. I may have to bite on this. I do think the price on The Swapper and Rogue Legacy are priced a bit too high though since they were both 14.99 when they came out on pc. I guess the fact that you get the PS4, PS3, and the Vita versions are their reason for the higher price.

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Looks like Sony sent me some extra codes. Enjoy!



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I only played for about an hour but I still find it just as fun as the Alpha. I'm probably not going to play a ton of it since I don't want to burnout on it before the game comes out. This might sound dumb but one small gripe I have is that you can't turn your characters head while your creating it so you can't get a good look at it.

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I ended up with a bunch of extra PS4 codes for America so have fun!









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I never played the Dino Crisis games so I'll give them a shot for a dollar.

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The majority of games I play on Normal. If I hear a game is easy before I start playing I'll bump it up to hard. There is the occasional game I'll drop down to easy if I'm not a fan of the way it plays.

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Congrats to John Drake! Now we need a Super Drake Tracker app on PSN.

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I ended up with three spare Beta codes if anyone is still looking to get in here you go.




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It sure looks pretty. I'm looking forward to checking out the PS+ Edition and if I enjoy it I might go ahead it get the full game.

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@white: This is what I do. I preorder games off Amazon all the time, it doesn't cost a thing and reviews usually come out before release or in the case that they come out on launch, if the game is shit I just return it back. Easy system for me.

This is pretty much what I do too.