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I remember reading about Mass Effect 3 having co op and thinking it was a bad idea. Then I ended up playing and enjoying it quite a bit so I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

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I remember staying up late to watch this on USA network when I was younger and thought it was pretty great. I also seem to remember a couple of cute little teddy bears that would die horrible deaths all the time. I haven't seen it in so long I'm curious if it still holds up. I never played the adventure game though.

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Congrats to Vinny and his wife!

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My guess would be a new Red Dead and while I would really like that I'd kind of like to see something completely new.

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I played Last Light when I got it through PS+ and really enjoyed it. I tried playing 2033 on PC but it kept locking up so I'm looking forward to checking this out. If anyone in the US is looking to pick this up Best Buy is throwing in a $10 gift card the week it comes out.

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I have 516 games and I've probably played less than 40 of them. A big chunk of them are games I played on consoles and bought PC versions just because they were cheap so I'll probably never get around to playing them again. So money well spent.

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PSN: Vanick

Feel free to add me. I look forward to getting killed by someone else's Nemesis.

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It will be the second time for me. I bought it when it first came out so I could play it on my first ever self built PC. I played one play-through and enjoyed it but started getting bored on my second. I'm hoping with Adventure mode and all the other new content I enjoy it for a longer period of time. I also prefer playing with a controller over a keyboard and mouse so that's why I decided on the PS4 version.

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As someone who is pretty desensitized to horror games and movies this was the first thing in a very long time to get under my skin pretty good. However it stopped being scary when I spent hours trying to figure out the last part of the game. I'm still not sure what I did exactly to get the ending but other than that it was pretty damn cool.

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I'm looking forward to seeing what Until Dawn looks like now. Other than that I just look forward to seeing things we don't really know about.