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Yes, I would love to see a UPF where Brad attempts to play dota with Dan.

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Not in America, but it is a pretty big deal in Japan. It has multiple manga, anime, and a movie series. Plus the spin off games and merchandising which never makes it here.

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@zombiemantra: If you want to play Decapre, you will need to learn c.MK xx Rapid Dagger, which is a mash punch input. So if you can't do Honda's slaps off a normal, the practice that. This thread has some tips for it: . Her normals are almost identical to Cammy outside of her HP moves. You also need to be comfortable walking around, then doing a few crouching normals to while building you charge; you can't hold down-back to win with Decapre.

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Its really happening

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Its finally starting(?)

Edit: They are having technical difficulties

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@rasmoss: What did you expect, its Konami

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Konami is announcing something live at

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@freedomtown: I agree 100% with you. Watching streams of DoTA isn't very interesting, and while I like Patrick's interview podcasts, but I find him grating, so avoid most of his other content. Giant bomb isn't what it used to be, and with Vinny leaving the office, I struggle to see Jeff, Brad, and the other guys being able to make content that will entertain me. I don't know if I will be renewing for next year.

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@scaramoosh: Attacks being "animated" is an integral part of the combat. Knowing how fast your attacks come out, what area they occupy, and how long there recovery is on hit, block, or whiff is part of what makes the Soul's games stand out from other third person action games.

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@liako21: There are parts where using a QR reader is the obvious choice. Just download one of the hundreds of free QR apps and you will be fine.