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I knew Ryan personally. He was a beautiful human being, and I will miss him greatly. I'm sorry for your loss, and for all of ours, really. It really feels like there is a little less joy in the world. He was always nice to me, and one of the best damn writers to ever set their minds to video games. He had one of those personalities that seemed to light up the world.

Goodbye Ryan, I wish I could have known you better, but I'm happy to have known you at all.

P.S.: Is there any thing the GiantBomb community can do to help out Anna during this time? Donations, etc? I'd be happy to donate if it would help ease the burden.

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The internet stopped being nice around the same time Stickybear disappeared from the world.

Anyway, the solution is right in front of all of you:

GiantBomb just needs to hire Dave Lang as Community Manager. Solved.

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This whole debacle is depressing ... mostly because you practically have the Senate and Congress admitting "We don't actually understand the internet ... but we're pretty sure it's for piracy?" Those who understand it least with the power to change it the most ... scary (but I guess that's true of a lot of things in government)

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Great post ... I'm going to start following you on here. Keep up the blogging, your style and substance is great. I know you've talked in the posts about C# and XNA ... If you could do it all over again knowing what you know now ... Would you still choose C# and XNA? Just curious Great work, and good luck, Van Nuys