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#1 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

Hey say emails Brad,

This podcast has gone long man,

Answers we must give

#2 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

This ain't no game son,

Uwe Boll has brain damage,

Postal was bad shit

#3 Edited by VanRedd (40 posts) -

Forever Stabbing,

Like Uh Uh Uh UH to neck,

yet China don't care.

#4 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

It would have to be Ryan goint "Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh". You make it and I buy it.

#5 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

For years Ryan and the crew has provided me an outlet to enjoy talk about games. I listen to the Bombcast every day on my way to teach 4th grade and it is great for relieving stress on the ride home. His TANG and WuTang videos have been watched by me at least thrice each. I'm man enough to say I cried at the end of the tribute podcast. He was the exact same age as me and that is a sobering thought.

It might be weird to say he was part of my life, but you don't listen to someone talk for 2 to 3 hours a week without it being something important to you.

I will be thinking of you Ryan and your family as I hang out with my pal Bacardi tonight.

#6 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

It is probably too raw for them right now. I lost both my mom in my late 20's and I just got a thousand yard stare when asked anything about it for close to a month.

#7 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

I'm exactly the same age Ryan was. I am numb right now. He and the rest of the bomb squad brought joy to my life every week. I can honestly say I wish it had been me instead of him. He brought joy to so many.

#8 Edited by VanRedd (40 posts) -

I'm the same age as him. This is...this is just wrong. I never met him, but he and all the bombcast crew where welcome weekly guests in my home. I hate this...I hate this. I am not ashamed to say I am crying right now.

#9 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

turkey turkey, and might I add turkey.

I am mostly a forum lurker. I teach 4th grade so the time I have free I game. I listen to the bombcast on my drive to and from work. I like Giantbomb so much that I have a Giantbomb stable in my WWE13 game. Jeff and Ryan are multiple Saturday Night Slammaster Tag champs.

I've been gaming since forever. I just got into Guild Wars and some friends of mine happen to be in youre guild.

To top all of that off...I met my wife through the TAG forums...played a shitton of Gears of War with her...then we decided to date and get married. I'm legit.

Guild Wars 2 Handle: vanredd.3425

On Yak's Bend I have my awesome guardian Liarata,

I also like SWTOR and go by the name Ryter as a sith and Velnafi as a jedi if anyone also plays that. I'm a cool guy who actually likes teamwork and having fun talking about stupid shit and games.

#10 Posted by VanRedd (40 posts) -

I think, at the end, he gains the powers of all three of the other lords and immortality.

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