My Rant for Xbox Live

First off Warning this might turn into a Rant on my part but I thought it might bring up an interesting conversation.

My Gold account is up at the end of this month and I'm split if I should resubscribe. I've been Gold since the original xbox with Halo 2. Some might considered me a Fanboi of the Xbox, and I've loved the console because that's where my friends have been. But friends move on and the choices MS have made over the last year I'm questioning my loyalties.

Let’s start with the newest dashboard experience. If I’m paying 50-60 dollars a year for a “premium” experience why do they feel the need to fill every screen of the dash with ads, ads that I don’t care for or seem stupid, ( I keep getting ads for ME2 wtf) Add in the fact that the dashboard loading time is terrible, Quick Load doesn’t work half the time, the in game menu is just as slow, Cloud Storage is useless and broken at least for me. The arcade games feel like an afterthought to the music, movie, Axe Body spray ads, or the one that really annoys me is, why don’t you upgrade to a new slim xbox? Netflix app or any of the “Kinect” Friendly app interface is terrible if I just want to use a controller. Searching is terrible, The subtle nudge at raising the price of arcade games
What is on the horizon for Xbox? Another year for an outdated console as most of the 3rd party Developers treading water for the next wave of consoles, or how we finally get Internet Explorer for Xbox because everyone wanted that. Or the integration of xbox and windows 8 so all my toys can talk to each other for no reason.

Guess I’ll be putting money on the table for a new PC and move out of the stone age

I hate winter,

I'm in the middle of this superstorm thats hitting the midwest right now, We're not getting the snow, the 40+ mile an hour winds on top of Zero degree temps makes going outside a fun ordeal. yay for mindcraft. 


PSP Games worth playing these days.

So I'm planning a train trip to california at the end of the month and trying to figure out what games would be worth picking up. The last game i played all the way though on it was God of War Chains, which is ironic because it is the red 2000 psp that the game came with. I tend to be more into puzzle type games on mobile systems and own lumines 2, I would consider playing a good RPG game but i tent to shy away from the hard jrpg genera (don't bitch, just my preference).  
I'm just asking for a few ideas, PSP coverage anymore is terrible online and i was tired of shifting though old posts.