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cool thing to do. Enter me in too. The collectors edition always seemed cool but never had the cash to shell out for the package .

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On Paper this seems like a decent idea, however It's EA so i doubt it'll be great. Few questions I have,

  • One they mentioned back catalog of games, Be a cool to play classic EA games if they didn't shut down most of the online servers for anything older then 5 years and most of sports games had online features peppered throughout that make it impossible to play now days.
  • Two. I wounder if the gaming press will get the games earlier yet then Premium members or vice versa. Is there a point of a launch date now?
  • Three. I wounder if at some point BF Premium would be roped into something like this, "pay EA so much a year to gain access to Premium level stuff throughout all their games. Is it too far fetched in a Madden or NBA Live Premium?
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I've been playing it on PS3 cause its the console i still have hooked up and I've liked it alot more then I thought. Maybe I wasn't expecting the moon like some people. but its good in a weird modern PSO kind of way. planning on picking up a ps4 for the game.

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I've been using a DS4 controller with my laptop computer for awhile and haven't had much issue with the software, the newest version seems to work better for my setup at least. I have to make an effort to run the software before i turn on the controller. but other then that its fine.

Couple tips. Look though the app, there's some button combos that turn off/on the touchpad and quickly shutting off the controller faster then holding the PS button for like 10 secs that makes its better.

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It's interesting thinking back at different exclusive preorder dlc I've gotten and noting has ever been needed even adds something special to the game.

I wounder if anyone has done a post modem on some big releases in the last couple years and seen if any of the Preorder DLC added anything of interest to a game. Most that I can think of is just skins, challenge maps or comedic shit. Haven't gotten around to playing the exclusive missions i received with watchdogs cause it felt pointless

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Thinking the white ps4 might get me to finally pick one up. I'd love to see a PC version but as of lately the odds of that seem to be shrinking

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Thanks for the code, Been watching this game from a distance hoping it'll be good.

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I could see them releasing the DS collection on the eshop, seeming the WiiU is more or less a bigger, more powerful DS, TV is the top screen while the gamepad is the touchscreen. After that I really don't see them doing much with the 3D, For one, Nintendo seems to be distancing themselves from the 3D with the major push on the 2DS, and how recent 3DS games don't seem to require the 3D element. (those little stickers on games saying "Can be played on the 2DS")

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I'm with the multiple people that brought up various MMORPGs, It always makes me chuckle when the majority of gaming press try to cover a launch of MMO then try to give a numeric number to it after couple weeks or a month. and usually miss the reason most people play MMOs. I stay up with community posts on various MMOs I've played in the past and usually resub after awhile when there's new content added that sounds fun to me, SWTOR has done a pretty good job at putting out updates and content to make the game feel new. it might not have the biggest community but they ones that are still there are dedicated to make the game better.

Guild wars 2, WoW, Rift, STO are all games that have a following and I'd consider they are doing really well. they might not have the huge numbers of WoW but if EVE has taught us anything, it is better to have a small dedicated group that are invested in the game rather then huge numbers for couple months that drop way off after couple months. The launch of MoP had alot of people, the LFG system would queue people in minutes but after people got to 70 they queue times went way up, even with cross realm connections.

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I picked a vita up on eBay pretty cheap and in good condition and trying to pickup decent deals off amazon and from the PlayStation plus games and so far it's fine for what i want. I have noticed around the Midwest where I am their are little to no shelve space left for vita games or consoles, gamestop does still have a section but their so overpriced it pointless to even look. truthfully i like it more for puzzle and pickup and play abit games over the big screen converted to small screen games, hoping the indie deals they have in the works brings more smaller games to vita. i can only hope.