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Miss you Ryan..

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@baltimore: They settled with Activision last year, and yeah they pretty much "won".

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I got the physical for the $20 credit on Amazon but I would rather have the digital download. I have prime so I will get it Tuesday anyways with release date shipping.

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I haven't had any such issues with my setup. I think I've got about 5 hrs in too. I'm using the latest official nvidia drivers on my 680s.

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I got GRID for 5 bucks, worth it.

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Goddamnit, this post just reminded me I updated my drivers a couple days ago and I forgot to reenable SLI. No wonder my performance has been so shitty, derp.

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You probably don't want to start. But yeah start with MGS1 if you're gonna.

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So this looks pretty great, glad to see Psycho is back since Warhead was the best Crysis game imo. That gameplay shows much less linearity when compared to Crysis 2 also. I heard good things about the multiplayer, maybe I'll try it out. 2's was basically COD which I think they got away from with 3? I hope anyways.

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Sure, I bought an Xbox 1 for Ninja Gaiden. Gamecube for Wind Waker and a PS2 for Grand Turismo 3 specifically. The others I just bought for whatever reason, like it was the hot new thing, but I got those 3 consoles so I could play those specific games.

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My 2 2GB 680s in SLI perform great in every game I've thrown at it at 2560x1440 with max settings. Crysis, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 w/physx.