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@MindChamber: Well, obviously if you're not a fan of beat-em-up style action games or platformers, then yeah, you should probably stay away. But if the game is something that might otherwise appeal to you, and you choose not to play it just because of the character artwork, then you're missing out.

If you're waiting on a PC release, that's fine, but I think the game is absolutely worth its price on XBLA.

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This game is really good, and as Patrick says, the story goes to some pretty surprising places, and it's well-told in the process.

Anyone who writes the game off because of the character portraits is doing themselves a disservice.

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Question to anyone playing this:

The game mentions during the first chapter that there is a certain "technique" to rolling the dice in order to get better rolls, with different strokes affecting die of different sizes. Has anyone experimented with this? I've tried moving my stylus in different directions/shapes before releasing the dice, but I don't seem to be having any noticeably better results.

It even hints at one universal stroke that improves every roll, no matter the die sizes.

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@SteveR667 said:

So the creditors get screwed over, that's great. I wonder how much tax they owe that has been wrote off.

This isn't how bankruptcy is supposed to work. Are companies under any obligation to try and resolve issues with their creditors before filling for chapter 11?

Technically yes, since actually getting the reorganization plan approved requires the consent of the creditors in the first place. So chances are that most, if not all, of THQ's creditors were OK with the company filing Chapter 11 and having time to restructure.

It doesn't magically make their debt disappear, it just forestalls any attempts to collect that debt and allows the company time to regroup. At least that's how I understand it, I'm not an expert by any means.

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@Hailinel said:

Hey, Patrick. Some of us are looking forward to things they did talk about, so I wouldn't whine if I were you.

Yeah Patrick, you should not express your opinions on things in your editorials because some people might not share your... opinions.

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Man, I really hope that someone comes to their senses and this makes it to the 3DS eShop.

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Great article. I love seeing games take shape, especially ones that I enjoy.

MotN is one of the best games I've played this year, or any year for that matter. It manages to do what no stealth game has done since the original Tenchu games on the PS1, and make you feel completely badass and totally vulnerable at the same time. Every time you do something great, it feels awesome, and every time you screw up, you know it was your fault for being too anxious or not using the tools available to you.

Anyone who didn't play this on XBLA should get it on Steam right now. Don't wait for a sale, don't put it off because other games are coming out. It's worth every cent of the $15 it costs, and it will probably be more satisfying than most games you play this year.

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@Grognard66 said:

The hard drive limitations are astounding. It's almost like Nintendo doesn't want consumers to buy games/movies from their online store. Hard Drive's are cheap - Nintendo should be packing in as much as they can to get people to buy more.

Games, yes, they want you to buy those directly from them. Movies, it sounds like those are all streaming through separate services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Amazon lets you download movies, but it also allows you to stream them, so why bother with space?

Hell, if Nintendo is smart, they'll offer the same thing. Not streaming, but keeping a library of your purchases to download at any time, so you can just uninstall any time you need space, and reinstall any time you feel like playing New Super Mario Bros. again.

Hard drives are cheap, but what's the biggest iPhone size these days? 64 gigs? And who fills it up? Crazy people, is who.

Current XBLA and PSN games are often in the 1-2 GB range each, let alone full retail games. If Nintendo is planning on offering similar digital marketplace options as the current consoles, 32GB of memory is going to be pitifully limiting.

And who wants to re-download those file sizes constantly in an effort to manage 32GB of storage? I have a 120GB drive on my XBox, and every few months, I have to go through and clean house for new games that I want to download/install.

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Kind of indifferent on the Wii U so far, but...

32GB of memory? What year are we in? How do you make a console with no storage capacity with the amount of digital content that is available, and what WILL be available in the months/years to come?

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Great interview, Patrick. Love this series, and you can really tell how much heart these guys have for what they do.

Here's to Darksiders III.