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Yo I'm In

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XBL: "Variable J" Still learning but I'm up for some friendly games.

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@biggiedubs I'm no expert but I found that if you turbo snap, your running back will stay back and try pick up a blitz. Try putting him in motion to line him up with your opponent then roll away from that side. He may be able to knock your RB over if he's lucky but you'll at least get a little extra time.

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iPhone 3G/iOS 4.1 - Videos do not play

I am on an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1 installed and I have yet to successfully play a video from the mobile site (Safari). The most typical behavior I have seen is a message box with the helpful message "The movie could not be played". Occassionally the video will start playing for a few seconds and then pause as though it were buffering but after several minutes I will give up on it.

The videos in the iPhone app don't play at all either.

BTW: this is on AT&T; 3G and YouTube videos are streaming fine.


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I guess somebody at Microsoft decided that the 360 just didn't look quite enough like the Xbox 1
Too bad, I probably would have gotten one for my bedroom if it looked at all like an attractive piece of consumer electronics.  What a train wreck.