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@thelastgunslinger: I agree with this so much. :( The music was good, the graphics were great, the multiplayer sustained itself with fun lobbies. I really hope they make a game like that with the engine of Forza 5.

At least then they can use the engine to make a game with a modicum of personality.

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This is surprising news, since you'd think From would sell themselves to someone bigger, but they're in the same wheelhouse so it makes sense. Dark Souls spinoff game that's only released in Japan incoming!

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I am super in! PSN: VarrosAnon

I've never played a baseball game before but I've decided with the PS4 to get into it, and I already preordered it. When I'm not spending my time upgrading whatever dirtbag I create, I'd love to play with you guys!

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@ohdearaudrey: I think the big thing is the lack of instants or a stack, but that's because it really is a casual, closed garden kind of game with a lot of polish and flash, and they don't want to alienate those people yet. Polygon said it really well in their review where Phil Kollar said this is a CCG for people who have never played a CCG.

I mean, Magic is kind of the only card game that survived the 90s boom of them, and that's for a big reason. I think Hearthstone is really cool and being on the ground floor of that will eventually be meaningful as they advance the game.

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I am literally of the exact opposite opinion for number 1, I think the infamous games are often too difficult and drive me away from them. That has more to do with the lack of variety though - just doing the same thing over and over again will always be annoying, but making it to where I die constantly? Not fun.

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I think it's gross to announce your new studio in the same release that you mention all the people you're firing.

I'm all for Ken starting a new studio but he doesn't need to announce it in the same breath as this. Poorly done.

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@patrickklepek The best way to listen to a podcast while playing a game is to put one earbud in (or one side of your headphones from your phone and turn down the volume on the TV (or mute it entirely.) It's gone to a point where I play most games that way and will either pause during the cutscenes or mindlessly cone through FIFA matches in career mode or single player races in Forza. Super-useful for review-grinding I bet. :)

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We got Martin Sheen to voice-act for a goddamn videogame. Martin Fucking Sheen. We got PRESIDENT BARTLET to participate in our silly hobby.

Mass Effect 2 is the most incredible game since the SNES.

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[Warning- My impression has spoilers!]

I loved the starting areas of openly civilized Rapture, but particularly disliked the idea of going to three shops to find a mask. I had already explored every inch of the place as I always do before I get told I need to backtrack and then I suddenly understood the weird lack of music in those particular stores. But it looks great and I love the way Rapture looks out the windows, with music, when it's not all so goddamn eery for no reason. And the dancing scene immediately brings to mind all the weird thing about the plot of the original game, where you're (unless they pull some kind of fast one) dancing with your daughter, and swaying to the music in a way that is stylish but loaded with maybe a little too much context for the noir feel.

Taking the bathysphere down to Fontaine's is GREAT and when I suddenly realized that was going to be the DLC, I was so hyped. It doesn't disappoint either, as wallowing through those chambers with little ammo but lots of scavenging made the relatively upbeat and paced combat of Columbia melt away, and I just started BEATING DUDES UP. It was primal and wonderful, and it was something that I never really felt outside of small moments in Infinite (like the anti-Lincoln crow building or the museum with all the Indian and Chinese stuff.). The ambience was great, the gear was genuinely useful (as it has to be, I'm theoretically not playing this for very long) and the audiologs were, yet again like the original BioShock, scary and awesome. I'm not sure that the gameplay and weird, labyrinthine spaces that get you turned around so much would be particularly interesting to those who just played Infinite and never had gotten very far in the first two, but for what I ended up playing I enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the second piece, although it probably should have been just one.

All that said, what is with games like this splitting DLC stories into multiple pieces? Dishonored did it with so much space between the two that I had already forgotten most of what happened, and it just seems like these modules should be self-contained and not spread out. It's like really half-assed, 2-to-3 piece episodic content that I assume has much more to do with the dev-time and resources than the actual merit of the piece itself. It worries me that Burial at Sea might end up being a better piece of DLC than Minerva's Den, but won't capture the zeitgeist that it did because all people can talk about right now is how short this episode is.

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Whoa, god, no, The Thing was NOT a good game.

But this is pretty great. Silent Hill is the PERFECT series for John Carpenter to say he enjoys.

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