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@Diamond said:
" @Burns098356GX said:
" Not really impressed with that paint editor, it just seems way to clunky to be able to come up with good designs. Im pretty shocked on how many people think its the greatest thing in the game... "
I think that's why people like it.  It makes it more impressive when someone makes something good looking, and if it was too easy everyone would just be importing goatcx and boobs, and you wouldn't care to pay ingame money to buy car designs. " need a lot of patience and some skills to make a decent design...but it can be lots of fun once you see your pieces completed
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You should watch the Renault Sport Twingo road test. It has the same vibe to it...really funny too 

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This show sucks...and it looks horribly fake...I like the part when she enters the studio and you can only hear one continuous beeeeep though :P

The second vid..reminds me a lot of a South Park episode...THEY TOOK OUR JOOBS!!

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It clearly was the Smug produced by George Clooney´s acceptance speech

Look at that mean expression...
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SpikeSpiegel said:
"MadMatr07 said:
"Ah I remember my 18th birthday. I went to a convienance story at midnight right as I turned 18 and bought all 3 of the things that had just become legal to me. You should know what those were."
0_0 Three? I must be behind the times..."
Your convenience store seems to be very well stocked, man...since when are energy drinks illegal for minors?
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What is it about?? The last movie I saw Statham in was Transporter 2...which pretty much sucks

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I have been dying to get that wireless adapter myself, specially because my 360 is two stories away from my modem :P...I think it is worth the investment

BTW: I "love" that hard plastic packaging too

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I don't know if it is just me or what, but in the past months the plague known as "Fanboys" has spreaded quickly across Giant Bomb. I was just reading some threads this morning bashing the PS3 and Wii for no reason at all...what really pisses me off is their poor level of argumentation, similar to the skills of a troll (or maybe a mountain goat). It is okay to have your personal favorites, and getting involved some serious debate can be fun, but if the arguments are based on trollspeak...then...we're going nowhere.

It would definitely be interesting to create some kind of blog or thread with quotes made by fanboys that are just plain silly, if you have any quotes that you want to add to this Book of Stupidity, just PM me.

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AutomaticSnake said:
"shitty hardware, shitty controls, shitty games, shitty online."
shitty comment right there...
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A) yay

Q) Best movie of 2008?