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I look forward to Dan and Brad doing QL's together. I expect nothing but amazing stuff to happen.

Jason, welcome to GB!

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WoW can be alright. Can be downright repulsive at times, but that is almost every MMO. I've met cool people in WoW, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, and FFXIV.

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Hearing about this situation makes me sad, cause I love GB and the community (as a whole). I disagree with any amount of censorship, simply cause I don't want people punished who don't deserve to get screwed because some people can't be bothered to be nice and treat others like decent human beings, even when they don't agree with someone elses' opinion or dealing with some who is being absolutely repulsive.

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@hh: No, not really. It's pretty much like Bastion in terms of difficulty. You want a harder experience, you have to use Limiters.

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The ending of the game was sorta sad and happy at the same time. Course, there is an achievement for beating the game again, so I wonder if there is a difference.

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It's called Get(). It's a function allows you to hit a guy and pull them toward you.

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I maintain that no one can make a good vampire game in this era, which is a fucking shame considering how badass playing as Dracula should be or this Alucard for that matter. Damn shame.

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Screamed "Fuck this game" and deleted my character.

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It almost looks entirely like a Michael Bay movie. I think that the only thing it's missing is Megan Fox in some sort of skimpy outfit (though I'm sure that's in the movie somewhere.)