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@crysack: I tend to agree. My friends religiously play vs. AI matches once to learn a new champion in League, whereas I look up the kit and then go play a PvP game because the champions really aren't that hard to play. There's a fair amount of variety in play styles in champion design, but the kits themselves tend to wash together a little.

While more recently, Riot has been putting work into more interesting design (Braum, Yasuo, and Vel'Koz to an extent). This, however, is why I like League's game design better: you don't have to spend time learning the intricacies of the champions because League isn't about the champions, it's about the flow of the match.

There are no denies in League, so instead you focus on controlling the lane through zoning with damage and vision. Inhibitors can respawn, so attack and defense strategies can change depending on that timer; turrets are a much bigger threat earlier on in a League match than a Dota 2 match (and it seems like Riot's intending to make them a bigger threat next patch), and there is no backdoor protection on League towers. This isn't to say that Dota 2 doesn't have its own intricacies that change the match flow (ex: time of day or destroyable terrain/trees), but League feels like it was designed around its systems first and foremost while still remaining penetrable.

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The games that get the most attention on my channel are the ones that I thought were pretty obscure or have passionate fans; in my case, these are Final Fantasy XI, Boktai and Bomberman Fantasy Race. It's important that you enjoy playing the game, so even if you pick a hard game and get angry, you're still having fun. My (few) regular viewers consistently tell me that my in-progress Mana Khemia LP is the best one I've ever done because I love that game to death and it comes through in the commentary and editing.

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Sounds like a pretty full crew already, but if you are in need of someone else I've spent many hours of my life talking into microphones about video games.

Ditto. I do Let's Plays when time allows, so I'm used to talking into mics (tangentially) about videogames. If you need me, my Skype is reki_wylls. Don't yet have Mumble.

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Sometimes I hate being a Canadian. It's not often, I quite like it here in Vancouver, but goddamn, man. What I wouldn't give to be a Californian right now.

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You can only play them while your PS+ subscription is active, yes.

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The Last Story, granted I haven't finished it, was pretty average in both story and gameplay. It's been a while since I last picked it up, but I recall the gameplay being clunky but otherwise enjoyable, while the story felt a tad rushed. The characters were enjoyable, particularly the leads, Zael and Calista, but I remember not caring much for the dialogue. And the graphics are pretty bland, even by Wii standards.

Pandora's Tower, on the other hand, I think is a good game: the gameplay feels very Zelda and I think it works well. I liked the music and level designs, though the graphics were a tad hard to look at. Honestly, I don't remember much about the story, but I thought it was interesting for what it's worth. And damn, if it can't elicit some strong emotions (watching the female lead take a bite of demon meat and hating every second of it, gagging--ugh, Jesus, it gives me the shivers)

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Rather a fan of werster's stuff:

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It's a traditional JRPG, about 20-30 hours. The art direction is good; the music is great; and while the story/characters aren't groundbreaking or terribly imaginative, they get the job done and keep you engaged and invested. It helps that the writing is of particular quality and thankfully doesn't have the trappings of constant flashbacks or redundant/repetitive dialogue. The combat is standard JRPG flare, with a couple twists: you collect Djinn, spirits of the elements, that augment your characters' classes, giving them new spells and higher stats. Each Djinn has an ability that can be used in battle at the cost of putting that Djinn on cooldown. Since only active Djinn count towards having upgraded class and stats, the player has to manage being statistically weaker and using summons with access to Djinn abilities and higher stats/spells. Also, some of the spells you learn can be used in the puzzles while exploring the world.

As mentioned before, Golden Sun is only the first part of the series, and is mostly the setup for the main story that happens in The Lost Age. In just about every way, The Lost Age outshines this game, but hey--it's still a solid JRPG.

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Paying about $80 to Shaw a month in Surrey, BC. I have issues with them, and I feel like the package I have should be giving me more, but it's been better since I called and complained so I'll take it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I took this test over wifi if it matters.

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I've spent a lot of money on League for a free game.