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Depending on why I couldn't play videogames anymore. If I was in your position where my eyesight had been considerably worsened, I might turn full-on into Let's Plays (but I'm already big into that so it's not a big deal). If I still had cognitive functions and a way to type, I would likely start working on all the novels I've wanted to write over the years. As it stands, my progress on those is really slow because of all the time I spend playing games XD

I also do a lot of kung-fu, so who knows, maybe I'd devote myself fully into that. Again, videogames cut into it at the moment.

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I've got some games to keep me busy, but I wouldn't mind a code either :)

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Ghost in the Shell, Darker Than Black, Gurren Lagann.

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@ezakael said:

A new .Hack game series would make me super excited, but the likelihood of it ever happening is very slim. CyberConnect2 is too busy making a billion Naruto games to go back to the series that I love. I even imported that Japanese only .Hack fighting game they made but that doesn't even come close to scratching the itch that a new RPG in the franchise would.

Well, if you really wanna know...

For me, I second the Boktai 4 (because fuck Lunar Knights, holy shit) and .hack suggestions. I would also like some more Megaman of any style, as I enjoyed pretty much all of them, and Mana Khemia 3.

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I'll be getting it on 360. Gamertag is "Arcangel Legacy" for those interested.

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My mail's getting all kinds of delayed, so I managed to not get the game yet. Gonna have to bow out of this week >_>

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I imported the physical copy because I can't escape my love of collecting games and it'll by my first import since Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4.

PSN and Challonge: RekiWylls

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@justamat said:

I played it. It helps to look at it more like a "Slice of Life" anime rather than an RPG. It's more about alchemy and character interactions than battle systems and story beats. I enjoyed it.

Mana Khemia (also by Gust, and on Vita/PSP!) seems like it has more RPG/battle focus. I was thinking about picking that up next.

I was gonna write a post recommending Mana Khemia--it's one of my favorite games of all time. It's also pretty Slice of Life-styled, but the combat system is better and I enjoy the majority of the cast. And, oh god, the music is fantastic.

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@crysack: I tend to agree. My friends religiously play vs. AI matches once to learn a new champion in League, whereas I look up the kit and then go play a PvP game because the champions really aren't that hard to play. There's a fair amount of variety in play styles in champion design, but the kits themselves tend to wash together a little.

While more recently, Riot has been putting work into more interesting design (Braum, Yasuo, and Vel'Koz to an extent). This, however, is why I like League's game design better: you don't have to spend time learning the intricacies of the champions because League isn't about the champions, it's about the flow of the match.

There are no denies in League, so instead you focus on controlling the lane through zoning with damage and vision. Inhibitors can respawn, so attack and defense strategies can change depending on that timer; turrets are a much bigger threat earlier on in a League match than a Dota 2 match (and it seems like Riot's intending to make them a bigger threat next patch), and there is no backdoor protection on League towers. This isn't to say that Dota 2 doesn't have its own intricacies that change the match flow (ex: time of day or destroyable terrain/trees), but League feels like it was designed around its systems first and foremost while still remaining penetrable.

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The games that get the most attention on my channel are the ones that I thought were pretty obscure or have passionate fans; in my case, these are Final Fantasy XI, Boktai and Bomberman Fantasy Race. It's important that you enjoy playing the game, so even if you pick a hard game and get angry, you're still having fun. My (few) regular viewers consistently tell me that my in-progress Mana Khemia LP is the best one I've ever done because I love that game to death and it comes through in the commentary and editing.