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If sony learned anything from the PS3 is that they can't afford to sell the PSP2 at a loss. So it would have to be quite expensive.  
I have a feeling the PSP2 will launch at $350 or more but it's likely that there will be multiple skus. I would have preferred that they attack the $250 price of the 3DS by releasing a $200 handheld without unnecessary frills. Just an upgraded dual-analog PSP with a touchscreen, that still has more power than the 3DS. 

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It still will be released on the PC once people port the arcade version.  Capcom's decision only makes so that the only way to play Super Street Fighter 4 will be to pirate it.  Capcom is not only hurting their fanbase but themselves as well.

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@jozzy said:
" @Baillie  See this is exactly the problem with this setup. It leads to animosity between users of the site, paying and non paying members. It was not smart of them to mess with the bombcast, and using it as a marketing technique. It wasn't necessary and will do more harm then good.   I am sure they will get the 5000 users now, but they probably would've lost only a small percentage of subscribers if they hadn't done this, and it would've saved them a lot of bad publicity. I am a paid member, but this really changed my perception of them, and I don't think I am the only one. "
This is exactly how I feel.  This was just shady and after my month is up I'll be canceling my subscription.  I loved giantbomb before and was going to support them but this issue really changed how I perceived them.  They should have been more upfront about it instead of taking away content from free users. 
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I subscribed for a month to save the bombcast but even if it is saved I don't think I can support them. They went back on their word and mishandled the situation. I will continue to pay attention to giantbomb and hope they can do something to justify me supporting them all over again. I didn't think they would ever lose my support but, unfortunately, I guess they found a way. I would rather see the site covered in ads than having less content. 

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For that much money you might as well get a stick for SSF4.  Microsoft is really dropping the ball lately.

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Open up a branch in Chicago and then we'll talk.  Please?

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Hopefully console developers follow Blizzard's and Valve's example and provide content for their supporters.  But who am I kidding, XBL wouldn't even let Valve be Valve.

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@BestUsernameEver said:

" Woot, 3DS will be amazing, I don't care if it comes out mid next year, it's worth the wait. "

It has a good chance of actually come out this year according to this Bloomberg article that reports a first quarter loss in DS sales. The "3D model of the DS"  that Iwata mentions sounds a lot like the 3DS.  It seems that the DS is losing its steam and Nintendo might decide to drop the 3DS before Christmas to revitalize the handheld market.

"The net loss was 25.2 billion yen ($288.5 million) in the three months ended June 30, compared with a 42.3 billion yen profit a year earlier, the Kyoto-based company said in a statement today. The game maker said it booked a foreign currency related one-time loss of 70.5 billion yen.

Nintendo said a lack of new game titles hurt sales and today kept its outlook for annual profit to drop to the lowest in four years as the number of Wii consoles sold is projected to fall for a second year. President Satoru Iwata plans to introduce a 3-D model of the DS and a heart-rate-tracking “Vitality Sensor” accessory for the Wii this fiscal year to revive earnings growth."

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This thread needs more Idle Thumbs love.  They might actually start casting pods over my face more frequently.

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Rough Google Translation:
July 29 (Bloomberg): Nintendo's new portable game machine that will be available during the quarter, "Nintendo 3DS" about the price and release date details on September 29 in Japan and expected to ship in fiscal year are planning to announce. Mr. Yasushi Hiroshi Minagawa 29 spokesman, said the phone told Bloomberg News.  

Seems that we will get info about the 3DS launch, specifically price, release date, and shipment numbers, on September 29th.  Nintendo is one of the few companies that can get away with an announcement of an announcement. :)
Credit for finding the info goes to neo2046 from NeoGAF.
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