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@lmitchell8075: Yea, especially for people like me who only play stuff like Battlefield for a couple weeks and then get bored of it anyways. That $5 I'd give them for a month of access is more than they'd see from me anyways.

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I can easily think of 10 animals on Noah's ark better than Brothers.

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How about more CDC shirts?

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@pnut_buttr_panda: Based on what I've seen so far, it seems like they have a post-release content strategy in mind. It almost even seems like this could have been a F2P with buy-in content.

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I need to spend more time with it, but so far I'm not sure how much I like it. It seems like it could have some depth, but so far it seems like I'm just mashing buttons.

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I'll believe stuff when I'm sitting in a theater watching it. Until then I have no interest.

Hold on, so you'd buy a ticket for a film you didn't believe existed? What is that bit before the film starts going to be like, when the trailers are on? You are going to have no idea why you are there, why you bought a ticket for a film you don't believe in and in which until the film starts you have no interest? That's a crazy future man.

Who watches the trailers? I already know what movies are coming out, and I definitely don't want them spoiled for me.

And yea, the future's messed up, man. It's also not worth getting hyped/complaining about speculation and postulation until there's a finished product.

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I'll believe stuff when I'm sitting in a theater watching it. Until then I have no interest.

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I should make a video game about my job... I'm an orange guy with a trumpet nose that lights up blocks by jumping on them. Gets frustrating, man. Gotta do what you gotta do.

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ZombiU was one of the main reasons I bought the WiiU at launch, being a lover of both zombies and video games it made sense. That said, I was incredibly disappointed with ZombiU. For some reason while I'm playing it I just don't have fun. In fact it doesn't really inspire any emotions in me, be they fear, suspense, etc. I don't find the gameplay to be tense at all, and if anything find it very tedious and boring. Being stuck with the same cricket paddle all the time, and having to "wind up" and swing it the same number of times to take down every zombie gets very old very fast. All I can think the whole time is how much I wish the melee could be more like a Condemned or Dead Island. It doesn't feel visceral at all the way it is. It also really grinds my gears when games that claim to be about "survival" give you so few options as how to play the game, such as sticking you with that god damn cricket paddle when you can see all sorts of other impromptu weapons in the environment.

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Patrick went into his file cabinet and found his binder full of women for this one.