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@jdh5153: Fuck that, this is the internet! We hate change yet hate it when things are similar to other things! How dare you wait to make a rational opinion of your own. For shame.

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I'll probably wind up getting the Wii U (if only for the first hand ability to complain about it), but never having owned a Wii it's going to open up a big window for me to play all the Wii games I never got a chance too.

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My wanting to pay homage to Soylent Green by shouting "It's people!" didn't work and Clementine ate the human meat.

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@AnAngelCried: Ahhh yeaaaa, that's it! You're my new favorite person for figuring it out. I was watching the Tested 24 hour podcast and in my sleep deprived delirium their talk about old computers triggered my memory of that game. I feel like such an idiot now for getting rid of so many awesome old games and such like that one.

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Hi, I would love some help trying to remember a game I used to play when I was young. I'm 21 currently, and I remember playing this game on a computer probably when I was 5 or younger. From what I remember I don't believe the computer I was playing on was running an operating system with a GUI although I could be wrong, If anything it was Windows 3.1 but I don't think so. The game was either on a 5 1/4 inch or a 3 1/2 inch floppy. In it you traveled from city to city by train to stop computers or TVs from taking over the world. It only had 4 rooms which were in a square pattern, and the train platform was the upper right hand screen, and the ticket booth was the bottom left. I think as you traveled around more enemies would appear, and they looked like the static pattern a TV without a signal has. Eventually you had to fight a giant enemy at the end. I'm sorry if this is very vague but I barely remember it and now I really need to know what it was. Any help would be useful. Thanks.

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Wow, I can't believe that so many people at Whiskey are Slim Jim noobs. Maybe they're not as popular on the west coast?

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Hmm, it looks pretty fun from what I've seen of it. Don't see why anyone would choose to play as the dude though, given the female character's assets.

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Is Chris Cashman hosting?

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Sounds like Peter Molyneux finally got his hands on a copy of The Sims.

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I was looking forward to the release of Game Room but on Wednesday when I opened it up I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy.  It's not that the games are bad, it's just that I couldn't bring myself to pay $3 for any of them.  Maybe if there was an option to pay say $10 for a bundle of games that's cheaper than buying the games included I'd do it.  Hopefully in the future they'll add some arcade games I actually care about such as X-Men that I can justify buying.
Also, what do you think the chances are that they'll release Galaga or another classic game that's already on XBLA and give everyone who already bought them the finger by making them pay again?