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The power of Christ compels you.
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Bellum said:
"What makes a troll is purposefully pissing people off or insulting people just to be insulting. People are offended by a wide spectrum of things, and you are no different. Offending someone doesn't mean you've done something wrong."

You can't ask me not to get offended. You can't promise something like that. So you can go ahead and say what you're going to say, and my natural response could be to get offended.
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I love shit like this.  You can find beauty anywhere.

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I played the first act at a cyber cafe.  It was pretty meh.  I saw people playing horde mode next to me, though, and that seemed like fun.

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Man, cigarettes are sooooo good.  Don't you want one right now?

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Good post, BiggerBomb. :)

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Yeah, it'd be pretty sweet if Portal's portal gun and L4D's AI director were sort of prototypes or proofs of concept to incorporate them into episode 3.

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Sir_Ragnarok said:
"As a Half-Life fan, I wouldn't want the game to strive for a new approach.  The series has run on a tightly-directed path, and the writing and direction have been so mature, so well paced and forethought and established, that a gameplay expansion at the expense of narrative would be a significant detraction from the experience, especially this late in the franchise's life. "
My thoughts exactly.  What I want them to do is more animations for first person for better immersion.  Hands on a steering wheel, ladder climbing, LEGS, stuff like that to get with the times.

As for the linearity and way they approach narrative, that's the reason I like the Half Life games so much.
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Jdub is a real trooper.  I'll openly admit they're not the easiest levels, but it's still tons of fun to leap across blocks of ice suspended over spikes with a buddy. :)