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well played sir. i might just take you up on this

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@Majkiboy said:

@OnboardGrphx said:

We will all be long forgotten and this man will be remembered forever, especially the more advanced the world gets.

People can say whatever they want. But this is the truth!

I wish I could be written about in future history books.

you can.

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So, in those pictures he has hair and is bald? Are those two different people, or Max at different stages of the game?

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@allworkandlowpay said:

Forge is perfect. What needs to be fixed, desperately, is to add a CUSTOM GAME ROOM SEARCH function. I spend 20+ hours on an awesome, perfectly balanced or insane map, and I can only play it with the four-to-six people on my friends list that plays halo.

so true man. if you ever wann play let me know. i'm down.

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there is too much gray in reach forge so the inclusion of shrubbery would be nice, and texture palletes...

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Halo Fourge you mean right? excellent input...

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What do you want to see in Forge mode? What do you hope will change? What do you want to see new or improved? (that better? jeez.)

Personally I hope there is a Forge World 2 akin to Sidewinder. I want a sub alpine/tundra feel.

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When someone learns something about it post it here! I wanna know! I can't wait.

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@DonPixel said:

@salad10203 said:

Yea, its basically a map pack...sadly.

A map pack with some of the best maps mankin has ever created - nothing sad about it really.

yah. not sad AT ALL

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I thought you mean't this right off the bat..though I do not know why. I Loved that film, but if there is a connection, it's a one off. Yes LA Noire was reactionary..well it was the Mcarthy years, right? But I just do not see anything beyond that. maybe someones personal homage..

that is obviously what i said if you read the OP