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I complete most of my games, with exception of those I think are horrible (N3 forexample). I also do a lot of them up to 100%. Not that big a fan of online achievements and such though. Many people may say that focusing too much on achievements or such will ruin the game experience, I solve that by doing first playthrough for fun and then usually take a second playthrough where I focus on the achievements I don't already have. To be honest, it kind of annoys me watching friends play and just boost through a game, not taking their time to look at things happening around them or bothering with sidequests.

But I do know a lot of guys who rarely go for the 100%, and a lot of guys who only completes the games they love the most, which usually isn't more than 3-10 games.

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I hate that dilemma. If I start playing a game but drops off at some point, I just can't start playing a new game and really immerse my self in it. Need to have "clean sheets".

Achievements/trophies kind of help, gives them a tad more meaning. At least in my case. Also helps being sick! Cuz when you ain't in the mood to play good games, play crap and get over with it!