My Life is a Goddamn Mess (Persona 3 Let's Play)

 For those of you who don't know what a Let's Play is, the link supplied should help you as well as providing a few examples. If you don't feel like checking out said link, a Let's Play is a playthrough of a game with commentary, either through text entries (usually accompanied with Screenshots) or Video taken by the player accompanied with narration (the Endurance Run counts as a latter). The term itself is coined by Something Awful, who started this little trend.
Persona 3 has one done as the Livejournals of the Main Character (the name Minato Arisato is used). While this style is done for many an RPG, for this game it works perfectly, the writer actually developing the MC as a character with a personality rather than a mere empty shell. Seeing his reactions and his personal input to the events of the games can either be humorous or really snarky. The LP also comes with a few entries by the other members of SEES.
 Not sure why I decided to write about this here. Perhaps I thought it simply wasn't enough as a thread by itself...

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