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The model for Lucy Tak in this game is probably one of the most realistic I've ever seen.

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Maybe. I've heard good things, but I have trouble seeing them when I look at gameplay.

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We should all be encouraged that a giant corporation like Microsoft is throwing its weight behind moving technology forward. Exactly what our country needs. Naysaying it serves no purpose.

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Bit of a crowded genre to debut in...

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@fredchuckdave said:

@veektarius: Because borderline nudity/ridiculous breast physics I imagine. Also they don't want people to play shit like this:

Am I the only who thinks that's absurdly prudish even by American standards? Baywatch was on basic cable. It didn't violate the laws of physics, but I didn't see "lack of anatomical realism" on the ESRB warning.

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Has DoA always been M rated? Why? Because bathing suits?

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@jvice152: I did not have an immersion problem with DA:I. In fact I do not believe a contiguous land mass would have worked for that game.

As to the OP; the problem with DA:I is that the story isn't worth working toward. It shares the formula of Elder Scrolls in which you either enjoy doing the little sidequests, the zone specific quests and your companion quests, or you don't enjoy the game. Anyone who wants to mainline the story is going to fucking hate it.

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Dan is entertaining, and I've had friends kind of like him, for whom nothing they say is really valid. At the same time, I don't think it would be a bad thing for him to learn to support his opinions better than saying 'x is awesome and y is for nerds'. Whenever he had a dog in the race in the limited portion of the GOTY I listened to, it seemed he just got rolled over.

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There were a couple battles that were hard enough (on hard) that I resorted to tactical view, and I generally found it improved my outcome a lot. However, that's not to say that I found it enjoyable to use.

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Oddly, my Ford looks nothing like that.