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Personally I didn't find the Fallout 3 games very easy to go back to, while DA:O still holds up pretty well, aside from a cast of companions that has more than a couple duds.

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I wonder if he's ever gone to this site. I have my doubts he'd get much out of it if he did.

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Six months too late to save me from buying a PS3 to play this game only to find out I really don't like it.

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I was interested in seeing a Tolkien expert catalogue Shadow of Mordor's various transgressions. I left disappointed.

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Not much point in it if you listen to the bombcast and have a decent memory.

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@stahlin said:

@veektarius: Eh, don't compare unoptimized ports to true console games. Nothing on PC rivals DriveClub, InFamous or Killzone Shadow Fall or the like...

Not sure I agree with you there, but I'm not a graphics junkie, so I can't quantitatively compare them.

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@ajamafalous: But the next gen consoles routinely deliver a less graphically impressive product than two year-old PCs... I'm not sure what you mean, unless you're saying that PC games will become less well-optimized as they become less of a focus.

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I've got no use for the entire catalog... back in the day I played a lot of Duke 2 and Terminal Velocity, but the only one that I am thinking about getting now is Raptor. That's been available on GoG for a long time, hasn't it?

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I feel almost bad for liking something so simple. But I do.

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Maybe I'm the exception these days since I have one of the smallest TVs of people I know at 42", but I bought that because I thought that was big enough, not because it was 50% bigger than I needed. On a computer, this choice might not affect me much, but it'd drive me nuts on my couch.