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A pirate's life isn't focused quite right for me 0

I'm not a big fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise. I only played 2 previously, and while I had some good times, I didn't finish it and obviously didn't play anything between then and now. So, if you're a devotee of the series, this review isn't for you. However, if you're more like me and were interested in seeing whether this franchise has matured with age, I would say that the answer is mostly no. And if you're here because while being an assassin doesn't sound like much fun, being a pirate ...

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Almost makes the evolution it was going for 0

Ace Combat is kind of a weird series. It's basically the only place one can go to on consoles for dogfighting action, but it has traditionally taken place on weird, half-explained fantasy worlds and followed standard military plots that were vague on the sorts of specifics that would be needed to make those worlds memorable. In keeping with that not-quite-realistic approach, Ace Combat games give players real-life aircraft like the F-22 to play with, and then have them carry 200 missiles, with n...

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Misses a Few Beats 0

Sequence is billed as the first rhythm-game RPG, which is, while technically accurate, a title that'll probably lead to more disappointment than anything else. It really is an RPG in only the thinnest sense. It has a story, but its inventory management/equipment aspect feels mostly tacked on and it probably would have been a better game without them.The setup goes like this. You're "Ky" (is that what kids named Kyle go by these days?) an MIT student mysteriously kidnapped from his daily life and...

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Rome wasn't built in a day, but this is ridiculous. 0

A fantasy 4x game is something I've been keen on for a very long time.  Perhaps it's just my American, Manichean point of view, but there's something lacking in a game where the only reason that you should take over the world and the other guy should be crushed beneath your heel is that you like to win.  I want a little clear black and white, good and evil.  I want to save the world, not just conquer it.   Up to this point, the only such game that truly fit the bill I've played was a mod for Civ...

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Competent but unfulfilling. 0

Avencast is one of the numerous German RPGs running around out there, and the second of which I've played, along with Drakensang.  Interestingly, Avencast is hindered by many of the same faults as Drakensang and an inexplicable failure to adapt to modern RPG conventions.     It's hard to speak too harshly about Avencast given the price at which it can be acquired - regularly well under ten dollars on Steam with regular specials.  One can certainly get their money's worth if they happen to see no...

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Not much more than meets the eye 3

Flotilla is an interesting amalgam of two entirely different types of game - the Oregon Trail randomized choose your own adventure style and a turn-based strategy style.   Both of these are well done, with humorously written encounters with bizarre use of animals, excellent music (including some great classical piano during the battles) and just a ton of charm, injected in little ways you wouldn't necessarily expect from an indie game.   The game's main weakness in presentation is its graphical ...

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Square did their part, though PopCap phoned theirs in. 0

It'd be pretty hard to write a review of Gyromancer without comparing it to Puzzle Quest, though I'll quickly summarize the genre for those of you who skipped the older game.  Both are set in a fantasy world where you play the hero sent on an epic fantasy style quest.  Instead of random encounters taking you to a turn-based battle system, you're taken to a puzzle grid map where you play a game of what is essentially Bejeweled.  In the case of Puzzle Quest, this game was substantially altered by ...

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As good as any recent western fantasy RPG 3

The first thing that probably crosses your mind when you first consider buying Drakensang as your newest RPG fix is - who the hell made this and what sort of RPG is it?   But after you get over the fact that Radon Labs has not made anything that would serve to inform your expectations, and that the fantasy setting is neither Dungeons and Dragons nor Middle-Earth, surprisingly little about Drakensang will seem foreign here.  Apparently, Drakensang is a German P&P equivalent of Dungeons and Dr...

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Unfortunately for this game, it's Majesty *2* 0

I don't know how many people have played the original Majesty. It seems that news of its sequel brought all sorts of people out of the woodwork to talk about how much they loved the first, so it might have been pretty popular. I loved it for certain, though I never had much luck beating the missions in its expansion. I'm considering going back to it in the near future to see if I can't improve my record - and this is as much because I bought the sequel as it is despite it.For those who aren't fa...

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