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This is awful news. Thoughts to the GB members and Ryans' wife. He will be missed.

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I encountered this as well. Preset-4 for is your super bass mode. This is better for music or movies.

The main preset also encounters audio/bass distortion during Tomb Raider. I remedied this by download a preset for Uncharted 3 on the Turtblebeach website. It lowers the bass just well enough to not crackle and the game sounds fantastic. They're several different Uncharted 3 presets on the site, I believe the one I downloaded was for the single player experience.

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@ESREVER said:
I buy all my games new, so this doesn't really bother me.
Same here.
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Super!  Now all PC gamers can see how boring this title really is.

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Too many attributes is not a good thing. 
I'll be picking this up.

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It's just lack of games right now, give it time.  The DS had it rough before the good software started pouring in too.  While the list of games you presented are very cool and exciting titles, not all of them our currently on the market.  All that matters is what is on store shelves right now...and it just isn't good enough.

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Name makes no difference...everyone thought Wii was awful too. 
250 bucks for the wifi, you got me Sony.  TAKE MY MONEY!!!

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This is a good read, I just applied for a job like that as well and got nervous when I thought that they may be doing the same thing to me. 
It sounds like they liked you though, you just gotta' be yourself in the actual personal interview.

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Hopefully this is legit, but who the hell knows really?  I say we wait for official announcement from Nintendo.  We can't be that far off from that now.