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Sent request for NA east. PSN cge-vegoku (ps4 player)

Got my copy last night. Haven't played yet, but I will when I get home today.

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Vass, NC, USA

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No email for me yet, but I'm going to be patient since I got one from the last batch.

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Man of Steel: 45.3 Million

Monsters U: 90.6 Million

World War Z: 49.1 Million

Total: 185 Million

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@Abendlaender: wow - that was like the easiest thing. haha Thanks for your help!!!

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@Abendlaender: do you remember how to get that connection?

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Hello - I have done everything in the game EXCEPT I am missing 1 black hint is the 4th row, 11th picture between the broken tv and the mountain with a moon...on my map, the only place that I could see is a gap in the line between "Strength in Numbers" and "Taking Baby Steps". Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Here is a screen shot

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#teambrad or the creation of the flight club!

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I picked it up after the QL. Its great. Apparently it came with a copy to send to someone. PM me if you want to trade or something.

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That was a great end to a great game!

  • Amputate the arm - I did this because I'm a wishful thinker and hoped that things would change - obviously they didn't
  • Didn't lose my temper with Kenny - being that it was the end of Lee's life, I thought that it would be best to try to patch things up and go out with no ill will
  • Surrendered my weapons - did this because I didn't want to cause issues if he saw Lee with a weapon still
  • Clem killed the stranger - I stopped pressing the action button when strangling him since it went off the screen and then Clem killed it. Apparently if you continue to tap the action button you choke him to death?
  • Prevented Lee from turning - I had to let Clem say goodbye to the real Lee rather than a fake. This was the hardest decision of the whole game I feel.

What a great, great ending. GOTY contender!

My only question is where did the Clem/Lee ending take place for you all? Was it in a jewelry store for everyone or could the setting change?